Completed Kitchen Design in Cheadle Hulme

It can sometimes be difficult to put together the ideal kitchen design for a client, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be up to the challenge. When working with Mr and Mrs Holt on their kitchen design in Cheadle Hulme, it took us thirteen quotations before we came to a final agreement, but we can gladly say that it was time well spent to deliver to the clients exactly what they had hoped for.

A Kitchen Design for all Purposes

Mr and Mrs Holt approached EBKB after being referred to us by their local builder, with the hopes of bringing their kitchen design, dining and living room design into one open space. It was important to the client that all downstairs aspect of the home would be brought together, to form a big communal space that everyone in the home can enjoy.

It was key for the couple that all these rooms be integrated with one another, and to follow a continuous design throughout. Mr and Mrs Holt wished to have vinyl flooring across the open plan, giving the room a touch of warmth in contrast to the fluidity of the light grey and white worktops and cabinets.

The kitchen design they wanted installed was a contemporary gloss light grey, with bar handles on drawers and doors, while the worktops possessed a “Corian” style for a smooth and streamlined finish. The splash backs were white gloss brick tile, adding an extra sense of depth and shape to the worktop areas.

The Kitchen Design Process

We met with Mr and Mrs Holt to discuss with them their goals and ideas, while helping them look through potential features and finishing’s that would go in line with their own kitchen design ideas. We are used to going through design changes when working with clients, but sometimes, when aiming for a specific goal, these changes will occur more times than expected. However, it is definitely worth it when working on a project that the client imagines so intricately.

There were no bespoke requests for this kitchen design, but due to the space available we found ourselves implementing many bespoke units. Though we did momentarily struggle to find a suitable space for the two tall fridge freezers, we managed to work around this by using the space between the kitchen and the hall.

The Final Outcome

It is very important for us to refine our designs carefully for the sake of all our clients. We were happy to provide the clients with a kitchen design that matched what they had in mind, while providing them with an environment that was practical to their needs. Mr and Mrs Holt can now enjoy an open space that serves a combination of purposes for their family.

The images of the final outcome quite clearly depict how well the kitchen design and layout fits with the space. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Holt for allowing us to share this build with you. It is certainly something to be proud of.


Talk to our Kitchen Design Experts

If you find yourself impressed by Mr and Mrs Holt’s kitchen design, and would like to discuss the idea of creating a kitchen with your needs in mind, then contact EBKB today.


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