6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Kitchen


Updating your existing kitchen or adding an extension, there are 6 key steps you will need to follow. Working with a skilled kitchen designer you can use their wealth of design knowledge to create a room that works perfectly with the rest of your house. Following these six steps and the proper planning and preparation will help make sure your  perfect kitchen fulfils all your needs.

1. Understand your space

Before you begin choosing units or tiles, you need to understand the space you’re working with. We always create a plan and scale drawings so you can see exactly how much room you have to work with, and you can start planning how to make the most of it.

2. Consider the best layout

You need to design the perfect kitchen layout to fit your lifestyle and needs. If you want an open plan kitchen/living/dining room, think about where each works best. It usually makes sense to have the kitchen in the darkest part of the room, with the dining and living areas close to windows overlooking the garden. Breakfast bars or islands are a key component of most contemporary kitchens, so work with your designer to decide the best location for yours.

3. Decide on your perfect kitchen style

With the best layout in place, you can finalise the design details. With careful research you can find out exactly what style of kitchen suits your taste and lifestyle. Remember, you will have to live with the design for several years, so it’s worth spending time getting it right.

You should also finalise your budget at this stage to make sure you’re not looking at options out of your price range. The huge range of kitchens on the market means that with the our help you can get a kitchen you love at a price you can afford.

4. Get the right planning if needed

Internal structural changes to your kitchen, such as knocking down the wall between your kitchen and dining room, do not need planning permission. The same is true of many single-storey extensions. However, certain exclusions and criteria apply, so always check with your local authority’s planning department before starting work. We can help you here by making sure you have the right surveys and permissions before work begins.

5. Getting the right team to do the work

Working with us we will help you find the right tradespeople we trust to carry out any structural work and install your kitchen. This could include a builder, joiner, plumber, electrician and decorator..

6. Finalise the details

Once work starts, making changes can be costly. It’s important to agree on all of the final details, including the handles, appliances and other details. And then to stick to them. This is especially important when it comes to the location of appliances, lighting and sockets and making sure sockets are in places that will be convenient, such as by the fridge and kettle.

Charging points are sometimes overlooked but are vital now in every kitchen, as are USB sockets. By finalising the details and ordering materials now, you’ll help the project run smoothly.


We hold your hand through every stage

Our promise to our clients is to make sure they are informed and involved at every stage of their dream kitchen build. By working closely with us, you can have the perfect kitchen without the hassle. For more information, contact us, and have your dream kitchen in the new year.



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