7 Kitchen Design Mistakes

What to do and what to avoid when designing your kitchen.

When it comes to kitchen design in Cheshire and South Manchester, we’ve seen it all. From timeless, rustic farmhouse styles, to clean, contemporary designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a Manhattan loft apartment. We’ve seen what works well. But we’ve also seen what really doesn’t! From an overload of stainless steel, to style over substance, poor quality cabinetry and overcrowding, there are plenty of ways to get kitchen design wrong, and once done, you’re likely going to have to live with it for quite a few years before you can redesign.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we always spend the time with our customers to get the design exactly right. And we won’t shy away from telling you if something you are planning just won’t work.

The best solution to getting it right is to know ahead of time what works and what doesn’t. So, to help you decide on your perfect kitchen plan, here are some of the most important dos and don’ts of kitchen design, and how to get it right.


1. Know when to stop, and don’t overdo it!

One of the worst sins of kitchen design is to over-design. It’s important to have restraint and to know when to stop. Sometimes less really is more, and to keep your kitchen functional and practical you will sometimes need to limit your design ambitions.

2. Don’t go overboard with the stainless steel

Not as ubiquitous as it was a few years ago, but there is still a temptation to go all out with stainless steel, rather like a commercial kitchen. It can give wonderful accents to your kitchen but too much will give the impression of a colder atmosphere. Giant, American-style stainless steel fridges might seem trendy, but in many smaller UK kitchens they can quickly overpower the room. Remember your kitchen has to be a liveable space.

3. Don’t think too small

Even a small kitchen space can be designed to give you space and a sense of luxury. Well-designed kitchens with high quality materials and thoughtful details can make even the smallest kitchen suit you perfectly. Thinking bigger helps to make the room come alive.

4. Don’t overcrowd the room

It’s important to have space to breathe. There is rarely a need to fill the room with cabinets. Finding the right layout for your kitchen is about balancing the need for storage with functionality and aesthetics. You need to be able to get around the room and not feel overcrowded if it’s going to be your perfect home space.

5. Don’t skimp on the quality

It’s easy to think you can cut the budget back by going for cheaper options. But your kitchen is a room that gets fairly high intensity use. The doors and drawers of cabinets are going to be opened and closed all the time. Good quality cabinets with strong hinges are essential, so make sure you invest in strong good-looking kitchen cabinets.

6. Don’t leave a wall oven on it’s own

It’s amazing the number of times this happens. Wall ovens are popular, but it’s important to have counter-tops all around it. When you’re taking the roast out on a Sunday, you need somewhere to put it!

7. Be fun, and don’t be boring

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house. It’s important that it has a feeling of warmth, invitation and personality. When you are working with a designer to create your own kitchen, you can add those personal elements that make it yours. Use a bit of fun if you can, it will make you happier every time you use it.


For more information about designing and building your perfect kitchen, talk to us at Euan Begg Kitchens. We can help you realise your dream.


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