9 Tips for Planning Your Dream Bedroom

People are quickly coming to realise how important it is to have a comfortable relaxing bedroom.

Making the most of your bedroom space

The bedroom is a haven. We spend more time in the bedroom than any other single room in the house. It’s where we relax, read, watch tv or listen to music and, of course, the space that needs to be perfect for sleep after busy days.

Planning a new dream bedroom gives the chance to create a tranquil space in an otherwise busy home. But before you start the planning process there are some important considerations to be made. By taking the time to think through these 9 things, you can make the process of planning a smoother, simpler experience.

1. Review the layout of your existing bedroom

Have a good look at your existing bedroom to see what works and what doesn’t. Is the layout making the most of your space? Is your bed in the best place it could be? Do you have enough storage space for clothes etc.

Before you start on your plan, it’s good to take the time to think things through and have a play around with different ideas for making the most of the available space. The best bedroom plans put every inch of space to work, and help you boost your storage space with as few large pieces of furniture as possible.

2. Clear away the clutter

Bedrooms collect clutter. We tend to dump all sorts of things in the bedroom that won’t fit elsewhere. Too much clutter will confuse your plans and make you feel hemmed in. By clearing away the clutter and getting rid of unwanted items, you will create a more restful bedroom straight away and it will help you to build a better idea of what you need in your new bedroom, and what is surplus to requirements.

3. Review Storage Needs

After your bed, storage is the next most important thing you need to consider. Hanging space is required for clothes, internal shelves or drawers for jumpers, bridging cabinets for bulky items and enough drawers for items like underwear and socks. It’s important also to think about long and short hanging – most women’s clothes hang, while about half of men’s are better stored folded. Bridging cabinets on the wall over the bed are great for storing those bulky items you don’t need that often.

4. Dream Bedroom Furniture

There’s bedroom furniture out there to suit every taste and space, in styles from traditional to contemporary.  Freestanding furniture is very versatile, and allows you to arrange and rearrange your bedroom layout just as you like it.

To really make a space work, you can use modular furniture. With modular furniture you can choose a wide variety of components – cabinets, doors, chests, handles and materials. There is an almost endless range of styles and sizes of units available, so you can create your own individual furnishing, tailor-made for your bedroom.

5. Children’s bedroom furniture

When it comes to children’s dream bedroom, it’s important to be flexible. Think about freestanding furniture, which allows you to easily move items around to achieve a new look with a lick of paint. If your floor space is limited, a high sleeper bed is an excellent option.

6. What type of Wardrobes do you want?

Wardrobes are required in almost every bedroom. They can be freestanding or built-in. Freestanding wardrobes have the advantage of being moveable, if you want to change the room around. But they don’t hold as much as built-in wardrobes. You can also fit a built-in system into an alcove or irregular space. Alternatively, if you have the space and the money, you could always create the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe dressing room!

7. Choose colours carefully

The colour of your bedroom makes a huge difference to the atmosphere. Lighter colours can make a small room feel larger, other colours can help create a cosy, warm atmosphere. Whilst an all-white room can have a clean effect, it can also look cold and stark. Most of the time, neutral shades like creams add warmth, whereas blues can feel cooler.

If you want a strong colour or design, it’s important to test an area of wall, then imagine the entire room looking all the same. Sometimes, different colours complement each other. But remember that what might look good in your mind, can sometimes clash horribly when it’s actually on the walls.

Matching your colour scheme with the decorative panels and trims on your furniture will give continuity.

8. Light the room for comfort and relaxation

The right lighting in your bedroom can make a huge difference to how it looks and feels, as well as to how efficiently it functions.

There are plenty of very stylish lighting options out there. So consider matching ceiling lights with bedside lamps and maybe LED lighting for the insides of drawers and plinths at the bottom of cabinets.

You can even have an illuminated hanging rail fitted in your wardrobe, which won’t need wiring as it uses battery-powered LED lighting. Remember that although you need to have a comforting space, you also need to see what you’re putting on each day!

9. Make a Plan – Talk to an Expert

Plans help make your dreams a reality. As you work on your ideas, make notes or a rough sketch of where everything should go. Play around with a few different layouts to find the one that really works for you. But bear in mind the fixed elements of the room, such as doors, windows and radiators. Electrical sockets can be moved, but if you want this, be prepared for more upheaval.

Most important of all, it’s a great idea to talk to an expert, who can help you create the bedroom of your dreams, and then turn that dream into a reality.

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