9 Alternatives to Upper Cabinets

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Last week we discussed up and coming trends to keep an eye on this year. One trend that has picked up in particular is renovating your kitchen to have only lower cabinets. If you are tempted by this idea, but are not sure whether this will impact your storage solutions, here is a list of alternatives you could take inspiration from.

Open Shelving

For a way to keep the room airy, while maintaining the same storage capacity as cabinets, open shelving provides a place for all your home ceramics without filling as big a space as cabinets would.

Open boxes/Repurposed crates

If you’re a lover of rustic designs then you will definitely take some inspiration from this. Open storage crates are a beautiful alternative to upper cabinets, and give your kitchen a welcoming, homely vibe.

Shelves with baskets/jars

Didn’t you know? Baskets and jars are the new boxes! If you’re not a fan of having everything in your kitchen on display then you will certainly see the pros to this. Having baskets on shelving units keeps all your items hidden away without the bulky appearance of cabinet doors. Or, if you wish to simply hide any unwanted packaging, you can keep dry foods on display in glass jars!

Frosted glass fronts

For those who love a more sleek design, frosted glass is a wonderful way to give the room a more spacial feel while keeping items neatly stored away.

Single long ledge

Along similar lines of open shelving, having a single ledge run around the edge of the room provides optimal storage throughout without compromising light and openness. This is a great option for smaller kitchens with a long floor plan.

Suspended shelves

Ideal if you have a kitchen island, a hanging storage bar can fit into the middle of the room, or could even be placed against the wall if you don’t have enough floor space. This option if perfect if you enjoy having glass wear on display.

Hanging storage

Got a thing for matching brass pans and cookware? A hanging bar or pegboard wall with hooks is a great way to keep your matching kitchen utensils on display, leaving more room in the cupboards below for food and other items that need storage.

Full sized cabinets

If you’re simply looking for a way to make your cabinets blend into the room, having them lined against the wall without any surfaces to separate them is a great way to flatten the space without losing any storage whatsoever. In fact, due to the size you would probably be able to store even more!

Kitchen Island

If you have a larger space to work with, you could invest in an island to store your kitchen utensils in. An island can also double as a space for dining, so depending on how large your space is, you may have more to work with here.

BONUS: Compromise

If you still want cabinet space, but love the idea of having shelving, then why not have a bit of both? Short cabinets that double up as shelving space is a perfect way to put your favourite kitchen items on display, while hiding unattractive knick-knacks.

Are you a fan of the cabinet free trend? If any of these design ideas have caught your eye and you would love to create something similar in your home, why not contact Euan Begg today to see how your home can be turned into a cabinet free haven?


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