The best in Bespoke Kitchens – Making the Most of Your Family Space

No two family bespoke kitchens are the same

Every kitchen is different. As all homes are different in their own subtle way, so, every kitchen is different in how it is used, who uses it and where everything should be.

That’s why we exist. At Euan Begg Kitchens we are committed to designing and providing bespoke kitchens to order. Each with their own unique specifications, and tailored to the exact requirements of our owners.

It is this versatility that is the key to our success. Our design experts work with you to create a totally unique bespoke kitchen design that, down to the final detail, perfectly fits your brief.


Start with your wish list

Starting from your wish list, our talented designers will guide you through the often daunting array of choices and options that are available in the process of planning your kitchen. We can also make practical and inspiring suggestions about the best use of your space.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the perfect kitchen for a period room, a more contemporary design, or a timeless, classic space, we have the experience to make sure you get exactly what’s required for you.

Fashion tips

Plenty of people want a stand out kitchen. This is great, but fashions change more quickly than your kitchen will deteriorate. We always suggest going for simpler, more generic kitchen items, then after installation, you can add the flavour and individuality, by adding colour. This gives you freedom to choose the exact colours that are right for the space, and to put your personal stamp on the room.

You might even choose to adorn your cabinets with the handles or knobs of your choice, too. We source handles from across the world in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials which allows you to customise the look of your furniture.

We also source and supply a huge variety of worksurfaces, from clean, simple composite stone and Corian to intricate, naturally-patterned granites.

Versatility is the key

Because we build all of our kitchens to order and because we are completely independant of any one supplier, we can offer real versatility to our clients. This means that we can adjust the sizing of cupboards, finding the perfect fit for your space.

We can also find the best configuration of our cupboards, incorporating innovative storage mechanisms or designing bespoke storage solutions for specific items.

This gives you freedom to work with our designers to create a truly individual bespoke kitchen, customised to suit your personal requirements.

Is bespoke kitchen design for you?

Not everyone wants a bespoke designed kitchen, A bespoke kitchen design and installation might just be the right decision for you and your family.

Here are 10 things a bespoke designed kitchen gives you

  • Quality and service
  • A better deal and more for your money
  • Individuality to bring your dream kitchen to life
  • A real visual representation of just what you need.
  • The delivery of specific requirements for your particular kitchen
  • The ability to work around any shape of rooms or difficult dimensions
  • The personal-touch, as opposed to cookie-cutter
  • Full control over the finer details?
  • Quirky designs rather than your average, simplistic kitchen layout
  • The assurance your kitchen is being handled by a close team of professionals

For more information about building your dream, bespoke kitchen, contact us today for a free visit and initial review of your options.


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