Case Study: Contemporary Kitchen Design and Bedroom Cheadle Hulme

Some contemporary kitchen design projects we work on do not require something specifically bespoke, but the buildings we work with can sometimes stand out from the crowd. This was certainly the case when Mr P in Cheadle Hulme approached us. Although this was not our first project with him, the space we were working with was certainly one of a kind.

Contemporary Kitchen Design and Bedroom Renovation

Mr P came to us with the goal of renovating the kitchen and bedrooms in a converted hall. The main challenge was to see if we could fit the kitchen into such an unusual open-plan space. Of course, it was certainly a new challenge, but we would not say that it was difficult to overcome. We were more than happy to get stuck into this project.
As the apartment was based on the first floor in a building, we had to be careful of the other residents. This was the only extra consideration we needed to take when it came to this project, but it with careful thought we overcame it quite well.

The Final Outcome

Looking at the photos, you can certainly see what a stunning project this was for us to work on. The contemporary kitchen design is sleek and streamlined with handle-less cupboards throughout. The simplicity of the features allowed more room for luxury in the living room space. There is plenty of space for light to fill the room, which you can tell works extremely well with the colour neutral colour scheme.

The bedrooms are similarly neutral, but you can again since the luxury of the space. The fitted furniture in one of the bedrooms offers warmth, and the fitted wardrobe in the other brings more height to the room, making space appear bigger.

We are thankful to Mr P for allowing us to showcase such a spectacular project with our website visitors. We feel that this project is a perfect example of the wonderful spaces we work so hard to create.

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