Choosing the Best Fridge-freezer for your Kitchen

The fridge-freezer. is one of the main appliances in your kitchen. Regardless of fixtures you choose for the design of your kitchen, it is highly unlikely that you will not be purchasing a fridge-freezer. Choosing the right one for your lifestyle, however, is more difficult than you may expect. With so many styles, sizes and features to consider, it is important you give this a lot of thought before you make a decision on what is the best fridge-freezer for your kitchen.

Before you Decide on the Best Fridge-freezer for your Kitchen

First and Foremost, you need to determine the necessary size. Though you may dream of an oversized American style fridge, it may not be practical for your available space. Wherever you plan to place your fridge, remember that you need to allow space around the back, the sides and the top for ventilation. If you don’t, the condenser must work harder, resulting in a less efficient fridge. Be sure to check with the manufacturer, but most will recommend between 2.5cm to 3cm.

Freestanding Fridge-Freezer

This is usually the most popular type of fridge-freezer available. A Freestanding fridge-freezer will normally leave more money left in your pocket than an American-style. It is easy to fit them into a standard kitchen and can keep all of your food chilled with plenty of space for frozen food as well.

Fridge-freezer capacities tend to vary, so it is important to think about whether you would like more space for your chilled food, frozen food or if you would like equal space for both. Also, think about whether you would like the fridge or the freezer on the top half of the appliance.

If you are looking for specific functions, be prepared to spend more money. Not all models come with independent controls, and when they do, it means you will not be relying on the fridge thermostat to control the compressor for both appliances. You may also find that cheaper models will not have certain features such as a frost-free freezer.

American-Style Fridge-Freezers

These are getting more and more popular each day. American-style or side-by-side fridge freezers can become a real statement piece in your contemporary kitchen. If you have space, then they can be extremely tempting. However, they do cost a lot more than the common freestanding fridge-freezer.

If you have a large family, then these are ideal as they can hold twice as much as a freestanding. The approximate measurements for an American style fridge-freezer are 90cm by 70 cm by 175-180cm.

The majority of these models are frost-free and have several cooling zones in different areas. Water filters and ice cube makers are also often part of the deal. Be aware, however, that you may need to get these plumbed in. If not, then they may come with a water tank that will need refilling. Plumbed models will affect where you can place them in the room. You also need to consider the cost of replacement filters. These need to be changed every six months.

Things to Consider:

  • Auto-defrost Defrosted water in the fridge drains into a trough at the back of the appliance which will then evaporate
  • Digital displays, lights and sounds allow you to keep an eye on the temperature and will also let you know if the door has been left open or if there is a fault with the appliance.
  • Extra storage compartments in the door can be handy for items you need to keep upright or for storing smaller items.
  • Bottle racks are useful if you wish to store bottles but will give you less storage space for food.
  • You can have control over the humidity in the salad, cheese and meat drawers.
  • Separate controls for fridge-freezers Allow you to set the fridge and freezer controls independently of each other.

Energy Efficiency

Like any large household appliance, all fridge-freezers are awarded an energy efficiency rating between A++ and G. Fridges and fridge-freezers are the second biggest users of energy in the home. This is because they are switched on all year. This is why you should invest in one with a good rating. A++ is, of course, ideal.

Talk to Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms

As we mentioned, the fridge-freezer is one of the most important elements of your kitchen, so it must serve you in the best way possible while fitting into the overall design of your contemporary kitchen. Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms are here to ensure you have the ideal kitchen design, with the space necessary for the fridge-freezer you need. Get in touch for more information.


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