Choosing the Right Kitchen Colour Scheme

When choosing the right kitchen colour scheme, there are some key details to consider. Only then will you be able to put everything together. You will also have the confidence that space is balanced, and all elements complement one another. There are a few ways to get your kitchen colour scheme correct. However, this week we have one particular guide to ensure your kitchen will be perfect once completed!

How do I Begin Choosing the Right Kitchen Colour Scheme?

When renovating an entire room, including replacing all units and worktops, you should take your time to decide. It is also ideal to pick a style that won’t look dated after a few years. However, if you know you love it, then this is not as essential.

Woods and gloss units are both rather versatile and will match many worktops and wall colours. This is why they are so popular. And, when it comes to the worktops, it is important to opt for something hardwearing and neutral if possible. This is, of course, unless you wish to make a bold statement.

If you are not changing your worktops, they are still the best place to start. Be sure to talk to your kitchen designer about the styles and colours that will best compliment one another. You will then be able to see what colours do and don’t match your units and countertops.

What colour should my kitchen floor be?

This is another important decision that cannot be changed so easily. As well as the colour of style, there is a whole world of materials for you to choose from. Not only should you be thinking about the colour, but also how hard wearing you need it to be. What’s more the flooring is a good way to tie the room together. Either something neutral or bold works well as a floor option. However, going bold means it must enhance your chosen kitchen units. If not, the overall look will disappoint.

What colour kitchen accessories should I choose for my kitchen?

Your chosen kitchen accessories can have a big impact on the overall look of your contemporary kitchen. They must be chosen with care. Will you opt for stainless steel, chrome or a darker toned metal finish for handles, tap units? You could choose the minimalist look by going handle-less.

If installing an instant hot water tap, be sure to check what finishes are available to see if it can match the other kitchen elements. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of everything matching, these details are important. You will have to get them right in order to achieve the best overall look for your contemporary kitchen design.

What colour should my kitchen walls be?

If your kitchen has plenty of wall space, this is an important factor that must be taken into consideration. Do not be fearful of choosing two colours. You could have one wall with a neutral tone and another that makes a bold statement. The statement wall could be a big solid wall to really stand out. Or, you could choose a statement colour to frame your units and have the neutral colour elsewhere.

The best way to choose a colour for your wall is to visit a few showrooms. Have a look at the colours used in displays and take home plenty of colour swatches and a few testers of your favourites. Paint some scraps of wallpaper and stick two or three of your chosen colours onto the wall at a time. Leave them there for five days and see how you feel.

If you find that after five days you do not like it, then it is not the colour scheme for your dream kitchen! Or, even if you do love it, you will be able to see quite quickly if it will work in the room with the units and worktops you are planning on.

How do I add those finishing touches to the kitchen?

Here we are talking about things such as light fittings and splashbacks. Again, you have an endless list of choices, but it all needs to work with your other contemporary kitchen design choices. Starting with lighting, you could implement a statement fitting. This would work well with the food prep or dining area of your kitchen. Another option would be to stick with neutral, but good all-rounder, of spotlights.

When thinking about splashbacks, the two places these must be placed are behind your hob and kitchen sink. You can choose from stainless steel, tiles or glass. You can even opt to have your glass splashbacks coloured to match the other elements of your colour scheme!

Ensuring that everything you love ties together in one room is not an easy job. Remember to begin with your kitchen cupboards and build the perfect kitchen from there. If you are unsure about the colours what work best together, you can always turn to a colour chart for ideas. Talking to your kitchen designer will also be a great benefit as they will guide you in making the decision you know you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

Talk to Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms

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