Choosing the right kitchen flooring for your contemporary kitchen

When it comes to designing your new, contemporary kitchen, it is important that you don’t overlook the floor. It’s easy to do so when you are busy thinking about unit and appliances that are needed, but the floor is likely to be the largest surface area in the room, so choosing the right one is important.

From durability to safety and ease of cleaning, your kitchen flooring needs to perform on many levels. It should also be aesthetically pleasing. It should work with the rest of your kitchen, so when you are choosing your kitchen flooring, you should consider the colour scheme of the units and materials involved. Durable laminate and matte porcelain will look great in a modern kitchen, whereas polished concrete is ideal for a contemporary kitchen.

There are many options for kitchen flooring materials, but before you decide you should consider some important points. We have put together this list of what to consider before choosing your kitchen flooring.

Think about the overall look of your contemporary kitchen

The kitchen flooring you choose should complement your units and worktop, so it’s a good idea to go for either a coordinating look with a material that matches your worktop, or a contrasting material that compliments it.

Think about Maintenance

Some kitchen flooring options require regular resealing and specialist product treatments, so it is important to consider whether you will have the time to maintain your kitchen flooring or whether you would prefer a material that is easy to handle.

Take a Sample Home

To be sure that you will still like the kitchen flooring you have chosen from the showroom, take a sample home. The colour may look different under different lighting, or the material may not work well with your units or worktops. Remember that sealing can change the colour, so ensure you have seen a sealed sample before you buy.

Think before you lay your Kitchen Flooring

If you are planning on having underfloor heating in your contemporary kitchen, be careful on your choice of kitchen flooring to go over it. Though underfloor heating may be used with most modern flooring – stone and concrete retain heat rather well – some wooden floors can be sensitive.

The right kitchen flooring for your contemporary kitchen

There are many materials to consider for your contemporary kitchen flooring. Here are a few to think about:

  •  Porcelain tiles – this material can be made to look like anything from concrete to wood, making it the most versatile choice.
  • Ceramic tiles – though this is less expensive than porcelain, it tends to be manufactured with fewer straight edges, meaning grout lines need to be thicker.
  • Stone flooring – this option comes in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures and can compliment any contemporary kitchen. It does however, inevitably suffer some wear and tear.
  • Solid-wood flooring – Though it can be a plus when selling a house, it may warp in a kitchen as it is both heat and moisture-sensitive. However, it can be finished in polyurethane, lacquer or natural linseed oil to seal and protect it.
  • Bamboo flooring – with a higher fibre rating of any hardwood, it is incredibly durable and less likely to gape than other solid woods. It is also an eco-friendly product.
  • Engineered-wood flooring – This comes in a range of widths and finishes and is perfect for achieving a natural wood look for less costs.
  • Laminate flooring – supplied in planks that fit for easy installation, this is a good alternative to wood and stone if you’re on a budget.
  • Concrete flooring – For a contemporary kitchen, this kind of kitchen flooring is ideal. It is more versatile than you may think and comes in a range of colours. It is ideal for open-plan extensions.
  • Rubber flooring – this is a soft underfoot option for your kitchen flooring that is quite resilient. Opt for a smooth surface or low-profile studs in your contemporary kitchen as they are easier to clean. Be careful with products you used to maintain rubber kitchen flooring as it is softer when it’s new.
  • Vinyl flooring – Modern designs of this kitchen flooring are quite hard wearing and can replicate the look of any material you want. It can also be warmer and quieter underfoot than the real material you want it to look like.
  • Linoleum flooring – this is like rubber but is completely natural and sustainable.

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