Create a Kitchen for Christmas Entertaining

We are getting towards the end of Autumn and it won’t be long before Christmas arrives. Once the festive season hits, your home will be filled with more family and friends than you could possibly fit! You will often find that conventional areas for home entertaining are usually the living room or dining room. However, you will find that most people tend to naturally congregate in the kitchen. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to create a kitchen for Christmas Entertaining.

How to Create a Kitchen for Christmas Entertaining

Whether it be a simple few drinks with friends or a big dinner party, the kitchen is the room for everyone to feel at ease. It is important that you create an open and inviting environment. It must be light and airy, and having interesting features is a bonus! Make sure that the space you create is warm and welcoming. The space you have to work with may be problematic, but careful planning can change that. The right essential touches can make your contemporary kitchen the perfect location for your next gathering. Here, we have a number of things to consider for creating a hub of social entertainment in the kitchen.

Have a Central Entertaining Feature

Creating a centre point for your party means having the perfect spot for food, drink and conversation. In your contemporary kitchen, this could be the kitchen island, filled with welcoming goodies. If not, you could implement a large dining table for guests to gather. The best solution, of course, will depend on the available space. Regardless of how big the feature is, we recommend it stay low-level. It should also have plenty of worktop space for guests to spread out and relax.


Many prefer to remain standing at parties, especially when socialising in the kitchen. However, this does not mean to say that you don’t need any comfortable seating. Don’t let guests become uncomfortable and feel the need to relocate to another room. Kitchen islands and breakfast bars both offer additional seating and have plenty of room for extra seats if necessary.

Homely Touches

As winter arrives, many modern kitchens can begin to look as cold as the weather outside. With the right finishing touches, you can make even the whitest of kitchens look warm and welcoming. Add warm, romantic lighting to create a more natural feel. Deeper yellow bulbs can create a lovely glow. You can even accessorise house plants with glowing fairy lights to add a richer depth of lighting.

Once you have set the mood with the correct lighting and autumnal décor, you should make sure to offer rich and warming food and drink. This will keep your guests feeling toasty and comfortable throughout the evening.

Take Inspiration from Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms

With many kitchen renovation projects up our sleeves, you can be assured that Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms can create a kitchen for Christmas entertaining. Take a look at our portfolio to see an example of what your kitchen could look like if you come to us for a renovation. If you think that we could create the kitchen of your dreams, get in touch.


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