Create an Industrial Style Kitchen in Stockport

We all know what trends and designs in kitchens can change dramatically each year. One style that has been on the rise for a while now, however, is the industrial style kitchen. We have been noticing this trend for a while, and we understand that it is a popular desire for many of our clients. So, this week we shall be discussing how you can create an industrial style kitchen in Stockport!

Why many want an Industrial Style Kitchen in Stockport

Some may view the idea of having an industrial style kitchen as something that is cold and uncomfortable. However, industrial style kitchens can, in fact, provide you with a cosy space. It can be a welcoming environment for you to cook, eat and socialise with family and friends.

Create Space

One of the main features that make an industrial style kitchen is that it will be open and tidy. This will give it an illusion of plenty of open space. Having a cluttered, cramped kitchen will struggle to appear as industrial. Be sure to declutter any surfaces and countertops you have. Avoid placing a kitchen island in the room if you are limited to the amount of free space you have.

Reveal Grittiness

You could include features such as stripped down back walls or exposed pipes. You could even uncover hidden metal beams in your ceiling! Stainless-steal is a great way to add a flare of urban edge. Think about kitchen accessories, things that are practical but have the potential to complete the room. Just remember to care for them!

Blend Colours and Textures

The best way to determine if you have created the industrial kitchen you want is to look at the materials. What did you use to create this look? Metals such as brass for lampshades and other metals for seating are great choices. These can be mixed with wooden tables and countertops.

Keep the colour palette simple. It is best that you opt for black and grey tones. Don’t forget to check that the colours you do choose complements the copper and brass elsewhere in the design. You can add wooden or marble worktops to create style and sophistication. It is common for people to blend both sleek and industrial styles for a more contemporary kitchen design.

Rugged yet Simple

As mentioned, exposing the raw materials behind the décor can truly help to create an industrial style kitchen in Stockport. Don’t be tempted to add any paint to the brick! A bare wall, particularly a single feature wall, is a great starting point for the design. It works as a wonderful base for the rest of the design in the room.

Open shelving, whether it be metal or wooden, blends perfectly with bare brick. It is ideal for bringing in even more of an industrial look into your kitchen. By keeping things simple, you won’t find yourself falling into the trap of creating a cluttered kitchen space. Consider implementing wood, or dark flooring tiles into the design as well.

Talk to Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms

Regardless of what may be trending, how you design your kitchen is up to you. If you are looking to create an industrial style kitchen in Stockport, or even any other contemporary kitchen, then get in touch. Let the team at Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms help you create the ideal kitchen you are looking for!


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