Create Kitchen Luxury for Less

It is quite common for many clients to envision kitchen luxury for less cost. This is something we love to hear as it gives us a chance to get creative with what we can do. It allows to dig deep into our research and find the most luxurious items that are a fraction of the expected costs.

Creating Kitchen Luxury for Less

So, this week, we are going to give you our top tips for creating luxury in the kitchen while keeping a sharp eye on your budget!

Contrasting Cabinets

You can create kitchen luxury for less by contrasting the colours of your cabinets. You will often find that many kitchen suppliers on the high street will offer nothing more than a basic selection of cabinet colours. These could be white, grey, cream and beech. These will accompany most door colours.

But what if you are looking for something that excites you and your visitors? We recommend a rich wood grain or other contrasting colours for your cabinet interiors. This will make them pop and ensure that your kitchen stands out from the crowd.

Wooden Cutlery Trays

It’s time to wave goodbye to the generic plastic divider. Instead, you can find oak or walnut cutlery trays that will add a sense of luxury each time you set the table!

Give your Sink and Tap a Much-needed Upgrade

The sink and tap are often overlooked. This is because they don’t come as the most exciting kitchen features. However, when you take the right approach, they can make a huge difference in how you create the right aesthetic.

Instead of opting for your typical stainless-steel sink and chrome tap, why not go for something more creative? Consider alternative materials to make your sink stand out. A stone texture will be a wonderful option to compliment your kitchen while adding a sense of luxury and style without overspending.

Combining Textures

Textured doors as a fantastic way to make your kitchen stand out and add interest to the space. Wood grains, concretes and ceramics are often laminated doors. This means that they are heavy duty in terms of wear and tear. What’s more, the cost is often quite affordable! Take a look online for inspiration and get an idea of what you could be spending. You could find yourself with a designer kitchen without the price tag!

Shaker Kitchens

We have spoken about shaker kitchens before. They are certainly a timeless choice can add luxury to any home. Take a look at our top tips for putting together a shaker kitchen to see if this is a choice for you. Although a shaker kitchen isn’t to everyone’s taste, we cannot deny that they look and feel expensive. The shaker style doors ooze luxury and there are many ways to modernise it and make it contemporary. Whites and dark greys are just some colour choices to add a luxurious finish. You could also consider marble worktops and copper accents.

Moody Colours

Choosing the right colour can really help to create luxury for less. Lighter colours such as whites and greys are a popular choice for many. However, there is a certain richness in deep dark tones. Consider dark graphite to add mood and copper accents for contrast and chic individuality. Colour schemes like this always come down to personal taste, but if you are brave, then take the plunge! Go bold and create a wonderful space that stands out.

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