Creating More Worktop Space

This week, we are focusing on space, more importantly, our kitchen worktop space. Why? Because it is one of the most important features of any kitchen! Every kitchen will come with worktop space, but the size of the room will mean you will need to consider how much worktop space you will be working with. So, we have put together this handy list of tips to make sure you get the most out of your kitchen worktop space.

Minimise Tall Units for more worktop space

The first trick we recommend you try is to lower as many units as you possibly can. Though you may love the idea of built-in ovens and pull out larders, for every tall unit you fit into your kitchen, the less room you will have for valuable worktop space. Instead, choose a built under oven and try to keep your tall units to an absolute minimum. Doing so will allow more room for prep space.

Choose an Under-mounted Sink

If your budget can allow a solid worktop, it is always a great idea to choose an under-mounted sink. They look absolutely stunning and you can choose if you would prefer to have drainer grooves recessed into the stone for more space for draining your pots. If you don’t like this idea, however, you could always use it for additional worktop space whenever you may need it.

Move the Microwave

The microwave can be such a nuisance for worktop space, even smaller models can take up space! However, there are three things you can do to change this:

  • Choose a combination oven – A combi oven is a wonderful little space saver. It is usually a little smaller than a regular oven and has a fan oven, grills and a microwave. They can be used separately or in combination mofe. A combi oven means you can wave goodbye to the worktop microwave and enjoy more surface space.
  • Build into a unit – If you have free cupboard space, a built-in standard microwave is a great option for getting it off your worktop and into something much more tucked away.
  • Remove the microwave altogether – If you think you could get into the habit of defrosting your food the night before and using the oven to heat your food, then do it! A microwave, though handy, is not essential to your kitchen.

Quooker Tap

Another wonderful way to get more kitchen worktop space is to choose appliances that will save space. A Quooker boiling tap is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. It can deliver 100 degrees of fresh boiling water throughout the day. By implementing a Quooker tap into your kitchen design, you can wave goodbye to the kettle and regain some much-needed prep space.

Choose a steam Oven

A brilliant way to save kitchen worktop space is to upgrade your oven to a steam oven. Steam ovens are extremely powerful, and you can cook most items that you normally would on your hob with ease. From rice and pasta to vegetables and meat, there is no limit! What’s more, you can reheat food, blanch, prove, melt, juice, keep warm and so much more.

By choosing a steam oven, you can (as we have mentioned) completely remove the microwave from your kitchen. Essentially, anything that you can make or reheat in the microwave, you can also do in the steam oven. You may see it as a downside that it will take twice as long, but the overall result will be twice as good as if you were to microwave it. A steam oven also means you can downsize your hob as you will not need as many rings to cook your food. You will mostly need your hob for frying or searing, but you can leave the everything else to the steam oven.

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