Designing a Kitchen Dining Space in Windermere

The design of this kitchen dining space in this stunning Windermere location needed to accommodate a contemporary and practical style. 

Request for a Kitchen Design in Windermere

We were very pleased to be recommended to talk to Mr and Mrs Berry who were looking to remodel their kitchen. They were looking for a contemporary kitchen, dining and utility room in their new build detached house in Windermere.

The location was stunning, with fantastic vistas to all sides. But access was very difficult, requiring some careful thought and creative solutions.

Kitchen Requirements

Mr and Mrs Berry were looking to create a sociable, entertaining kitchen dining space. A living and entertaining space was very important to them, not just a regular kitchen.

Being a new build property, they needed a contemporary style, to match the rest of the fixtures, however, it was also important for their kitchen space not to be a run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf kitchen. But rather to have individuality and a style all of it’s own.

Not only did the kitchen have to be a cooking eating and entertaining space there was to be a utility space as well that needed to be large enough to house the white goods and units Mr and Mrs Berry wanted removed from the the kitchen, but on hand for ease of use.

Design Process

As usual, we met with the Mr and Mrs Berry couple to work through their initial thoughts and help them create their wish-list of design features and utilities they needed. We always like to have initial meetings before we draft any plans, and it is normal for plans to change considerably as we work through the design process.

There were specific requirements they had beforehand, but also creative design choices that were made along the way. One in particular was the decision to go for a contemporary painted, handleless style. This gave the units a sleek, clean profile, whilst still remaining highly functional.

Additionally it was decided that there were to be no standard cupboards. All the purpose built units had to perform a specific function, with integrated bins, pull-out larders, crockery drawers etc.

The delightful part of the design was creating the hidden coffee station.

A Contemporary Result in a Stunning, Classic Location

Access was very challenging indeed. Which meant that the right contractors needed to be used to make sure the build went to plan. But we think, as you will see from the pictures, that we got the best possible result for Mr and Mrs Berry.

They were and are delighted with the results, and enjoy using and entertaining in the their new kitchen space every day. We would very much like to thank them for the opportunity to build their fabulous kitchen space, and for allowing us to showcase this build.


Talk to the experts in kitchen design

If you are inspired by the results of Mr and Mrs Berry’s kitchen, and are interested in creating a new kitchen designed around your specific needs, contact us today at EBKB.


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