Fitted Wardrobes : 10 things you need to know

Wardrobes across Cheshire are bulging to bursting point! Jam packed full of clothes, shoes and anything we can cram into them, the freestanding wardrobes that most people buy when they first move into a home just aren’t big enough to hold the number of items most people collect. On top of this, freestanding units don’t  make the most of space or allow for customisation.

The best way to combat this and to boost bedroom storage is with built-in wardrobes.They instantly create more space (three times more, to be exact) and are available in sizes and finishes to suit all sorts of spaces.

At Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms, we install lots of fitted wardrobes. Here are ten things you need to know about installing fitted wardrobes.

1. Great Space Saving

Freestanding wardrobes aren’t built to fit into your bedroom. They leave gaps – both above and to the sides. These spaces are exactly the sort of gaps that you will fill with junk and  knickknacks, and also with dust! In contrast, fitted wardrobes can be built to fit the full height of the room. Even if your bedroom is an awkward shape, the fitted wardrobe can turn any unused gap into a useful storage space.


2. An Investment for the home

Although you can’t take a fitted wardrobe with you when you move house, there is evidence that fitted units help a house sell. Storage is everything, so the more you have the easier it will be to sell.

3. Make use of the range of budget options available

There is a very good choice for buyers when it comes to fitted wardrobes, Ranging from mass-market retailers, like Homebase or B&Q, to fitted furniture specialists. The more you are willing to budget, the better quality your results. If your budget allows, a bespoke furniture company will design and hand make your wardrobes to exactly fit into your space and suit your style.

4. Talk to a Designer before you buy

No matter where you buy your fitted wardrobes, always get some expert opinions on what is possible and what isn’t. We are always happy to show clients our portfolio work and to help them get the best results for the best budget price.

5. Don’t go too cutting edge

If you want to keep things simple, we can help you manage the work from concept to completion, and that will help with design and installation. This can avoid costly mistakes.

Fitted wardrobes are a long-lasting solution,so  it’s essential you choose a future-proofed option that you know will still suit your personal taste in years to come.

6. Doors matter

Think about the size and shape of your bedroom, as well as your personal preference, when you’re choosing wardrobe doors. If you’re short on space, sliding or bi-fold doors are a great option. Small bedrooms also benefit from mirrored doors, as they create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floor space.


7. Get the right measurements

We can help you prepare. We always take the full set of measurements required. This helps us to accommodate where there might be anomalies in your rooms. Many rooms have ceilings sag, which needs to be taken into account. We will also check the floor is level. Fitted furniture can now be designed to meet exact dimensions or variation in floor and ceiling level.

8. Decorate the right places

We generally advise that you don’t decorate your room prior to fitting. However, as many wardrobes are fitted without backs and sides as standard, if you’re planning to redecorate the walls, then you may wish to do this before installation as these walls will be on show when the doors are open.

9. Roll back the carpet!

We also suggest that if carpet is fitted, you roll it back in the area where the new wardrobes will be situated. Wardrobes set onto carpet tend to sag and it can become very difficult to fit new carpet when it comes time to change! Fitted Wardrobes should be fitted only on hard floors to keep them upright and to maintain their structural integrity.

10. Choose interior options to suit your lifestyle

The inside of your wardrobe should be as beautiful as the outside. Make sure you think through your specific storage needs. You might have many tailored suits that need hanging, or more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Think through hanging rails, shoe and trouser racks, and specialist pull-out shelving to suit your needs. There is even the option for media devices and integral illumination. When it’s built for you, the ceiling really is the limit!

For more information about fitted wardrobes made for you, contact us today.


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