Getting the best from your Kitchen Designer – Some tips on making the most of your Cheshire Kitchen Designer

Thinking of renovating the kitchen? It’s important to find the right Cheshire Kitchen Designer who will work closely with you to see your vision come to reality. But no matter who you choose, there will always be some unexpected hurdles you have to overcome as you renovate this important area of your home.

Before you start planning major installations or searching for that perfect Cheshire kitchen design, it’s worth while sitting down and planning your wants and needs, and what kind of design you are looking for. By taking these following steps, first of all, your Cheshire kitchen designer can truly deliver the best results for you.

1. Decide if you need a designer or not.

It may seem as though we are doing ourselves out of work, but not every kitchen renovation needs to have the expenser of a designer to oversee it. If you are simply installing new kitchen cabinetry, or replacing a handful of existing items, you might not need a full redesign. At Euan Begg Kitchen and Bedrooms we are always happy to visit you, free of charge, and more than happy to help you understand if you need our services or not.

Where more complicated projects involving major renovations and custom cabinetry occur, working with a specialist Cheshire based kitchen designer will makes everything run more smoothly and turn out better in the end. As a general rule, anything that’s going to cost more than a few hundred pounds will probably require a designer.

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2. Have an outline plan before you meet your designer

Having decided to work with a designer, it’s good to take stock of your current kitchen, and do a bit of research. What doesn’t work well, and what is outdated. What new items would you like, and how do you use your kitchen? For most people the kitchen isn’t just a place where we cook and eat, it’s the social hub of the family, and that will need to be reflected in your design. Spend some time pondering your own personal style too so that you understand the aesthetic you’re looking for, how you’d like things to work together, and any new equipment you want. We often suggest having a wish list of all the thing you want. Your kitchen designer will the be able to work with you to make sure that you get as much of your wish list into your new dream kitchen as you can.


3. Stay flexible

It’s important to keep an open mind with your designer. While it’s good to have a plan, a wishlist and to know what you want in your new kitchen, it’s also a good idea to keep an open mind when you start working with a kitchen designer.

We work with people all the time who do realise that they need to change their minds about some of the ideas they have. Also, we can often see great ideas that you hadn’t thought of. Likewise, there may be some things you’ve set your heart on, that just aren’t possible to do as you first imagined. We never try to actively change people’s minds or impose our own designs ahead of our client’s, but stay flexible.


4. Know your Budget – but don’t necessarily tell the designer!

It’s important to have a budget, but you don’t need to tell the designer the budget straight away. More importantly, know your timelines, when you need to have work completed by, and your wish list. We then take the time to cost things out for you, getting the best deals we can for your items. If what comes out is beyond your budget, we can then go back and look at where we can make savings.

Our advice is, that if you go to a designer with a budget, they will find a kitchen that takes up all your budget. Whereas, if you go with a wish list, a good designer will work hard to get the best deals they can for you.

If you need to renovate your kitchen, why not talk to a designer and make use of the tips above. Remember to keep mid-project changes to a minimum to ensure a smooth ride, and above all else be patient – achieving your dream kitchen won’t happen overnight, but with the right help from the right Cheshire Kitchen designer, your dreams can soon become a reality.



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