How to Create a Showstopper Kitchen worthy of the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off has returned! 12 talented amateur bakers have made their way into the popular #GBBO tent, competing to be crowned the best UK baker of 2019. Our favourite presenters and judges have also returned, with a very Oz-like appeal!

In addition to the glorious bakes, something else gets us excited: the kitchen design. A beautiful, colourful backdrop that brings a wonderful country feeling. Pastel shades and shaker style cabinetry flow through the tent, giving us the beautiful brightness of summer we need to comfort us as autumn draws nearer.

But how can you recreate this liveliness in your home? Here’s how you can create a showstopper kitchen that would blow the judges away!


The first thing you need to think about is the foundation of the style before you finish


For a bake-off-worthy kitchen, you need sleek and stylish appliances that are also perfectly functional and efficient for your baking needs. There are many styles to choose from but if you want to reflect that true #GBBO feel, retro appliances in a variety of pastels are the way to go.


Now it’s time to think small. Each baking station is prepped with only the best tools and utensils. However, the standalone mixer is usually the most eye-grabbing. KitchenAid is usually the go-to brand to achieve this look, but it comes at a heavy cost of around £440! There are many affordable alternatives online, such as the Dash Everyday Stand Mixer, but do some research before making a decision.


The perfect kitchen requires a high-quality oven and cooker, especially a Bake-Off kitchen. It’s important to look for a product that will meet your personal baking requirements, while fitting into your kitchen design. For extra efficiency, building your oven into the wall gives it that needed elevation that will make taking things out a lot easier. Of course, the contestants on Bake-Off use an oven that sits under their counters, but it’s your kitchen!

Another thing you must have is a warming drawer. These are essential if you are prepping several things at once and need to keep things warm before serving.

Finally, the hob is the last key ingredient to the perfect cooking station. There are many to choose from, but the contestants on #GBBO use an induction hob. These work by using the pan as opposed to the hob, meaning there is only heat when in contact with the correct material. This is something you may want to consider yourself if you want to stick close to the theme.

Does this sound like the perfect kitchen for you?

If you’re a keen baker and you’re looking to create a kitchen that fits perfectly into the Bake-Off world, then why not let EBKB make that happen? With a free home design visit and consultation, we can determine the capabilities of your kitchen and bring it to life. Get in touch to find out more!


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