How to Create a Social Kitchen Design

With Spring making it’s way in, social occasions are picking back up after the post-Christmas lull, and you may be thinking about your next gatherings throughout the year. You may be thinking about how to use your kitchen, or even redesigning it so it serves a more social purpose. This is something many ask for when creating their new kitchen design, so this week we have design ideas and tips to transform your kitchen into the ultimate social space.

A Social Kitchen Design needs Lighting

Humans thrive in natural daylight, it’s what keeps our moods up and gives us a boost of energy, especially in warmer periods. Our customers at EBKB often wish to add in as much natural light as possible, so big windows bi-folding doors are a must-have in our books. The more light you let in, the bigger the room feels!

When the sun comes down, it’s mood lighting is ideal. There are so many choices for how you can set the mood with the power of different lighting options. From under cabinet spotlights, to hanging lamps with dimmer options, there are so many ways you can adjust the lighting for your social kitchen design in order to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Islands and Breakfast Bars

Central Islands and tables can have multiple purposes in your kitchen. In addition to being wonderfully handy when cooking, storing and food prep, they’re also a central point for a social kitchen design. In other words, the kitchen island is a place for friends and family to gather round and spend quality time with one another – ideal for any party situation! They’re prefect for placing nibbles, buffet trays, punch bowls and more, while creating a chatty atmosphere for everyone around it.

Space is key for a Social Kitchen Design

Open plan is big… Literally. Not only does it create more space, but it brings more life into the home by tying together the aspects of cooking and living. Giving people more space to move around makes guests feel comfortable and creates a seamless transition from cooking to dining, creating an optimal social kitchen design.

Quirky is ideal for a Social Kitchen Design

Putting together the design for your kitchen so that it can showcase one or several interesting points of focus is a wonderful idea – not only is it a way for you to express your unique style and personal taste, but it makes for a great ice breaker at many of your social gatherings!

Seating is important

Seating is something you need to consider carefully when it comes to creating a social kitchen design. If you want your guests to feel comfortable sitting together, then you may find that cushioned benches will make a wonderful addition to the dining experience. Opting for this as opposed to hard chairs around the table will provide more of an invitation to relax, so people can get comfy and enjoy each others company.

Open up your Social Kitchen Design

Adding bi-folding doors is a wonderful idea if you want to extend the space of your social kitchen design, especially as it gets warmer outside. Al fresco dining doesn’t need to draw too far from the kitchen, and by giving your cooking station a view of the greenery outside, you’re creating a large party space, where people can sit indoors or outdoors and still be together.

Even as it starts to cool down again, bi-folding doors provide wonderful insulation to keep the home toasty and warm. Add a free standing fire and sit comfortably with the whole family, making even quiet times social.

If you are looking to transform your home into the ultimate space for a social gathering, the look no further. EBKB are here to help you put together your ideal social kitchen design, so get in touch today to see how we can help.


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