How to make the most out of open shelving in your kitchen

Open shelving in kitchens is becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why. As cabinetry can shrink down the size of the room, open shelving in your kitchen can have the opposite effect. Not only this, but it looks good too! If you’re not sure how you can add open shelving to your kitchen, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Minimal display

If you are using your shelving to make a small kitchen appear larger, we highly recommend taking the minimalist approach. This can be done by displaying your favourite dinnerware and putting everything else away in cabinets.

Rustic setting

If you seek the farmhouse look, reclaimed wood is a great option for your open shelving. It looks beautiful in most spaces, offering a rustic style that can warm up any contemporary kitchen design. We highly recommend this style if you want either a country cottage feel or simply wish to add a sense of comfort to your contemporary kitchen.

Glass – the storage invisibility cloak

If you really want to keep your shelving to an absolute minimum, you can use glass! Virtually invisible, glass shelving will allow light to bounce further around the room while still offering a storage solution for many of your kitchen items.

Dedicated section

Worried about clutter? Don’t be, you can add as many or as little open shelving as you’d like. To make things easier, consider creating a dedicated space for your open shelving and add cabinetry against other walls. Use your shelving to showcase certain items, such as glass jars or your finest dinnerware.

Add hanging storage

In many cases, open shelving leaves plenty of blank space below that could also be utilised. This is the perfect opportunity for you to add hanging storage for particular items, such as cooking utensils or a matching pan set.

Install lighting under shelving

If hanging storage isn’t something you had in mind for your kitchen, you could use the space beneath the shelving to highlight your countertops. Task lighting is a must-have for most kitchens, so consider adding it under your shelving to help you focus when cooking.

Get organised with woven baskets

As we have said, clutter is a worry that many people face with open shelving. However, depending on the style of kitchen, woven baskets are a wonderful solution to keep smaller items tucked away neatly while you display other items that will add to the décor.

Add rails for safety

Of course, clumsiness is a trait many of us possess. Therefore, open shelving may seem like a risky choice. To avoid knocking everything off as you move things around, you can opt for shelving that comes with rails.

Install a cool corner

Adding open shelving along an empty wall is a popular option, but what about those overlooked corner spaces? Open shelving is the perfect way to combat any unused space within the room, including the areas that may seem hidden.

Above the sink

The majority of kitchen sinks tend to sit below the window. However, if yours sits below a blank wall, this is the perfect opportunity to add open shelving. Whether it is to be used as a draining board or simply a place for your crockery.

Add open shelving to your EBKB kitchen

Open shelving is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to make their kitchen look bigger or simply prefer it to closed cabinets. How you go about it, however, depends on your design choice and lifestyle. By working with EBKB for your kitchen design, you can relax knowing these things will be taken into consideration, giving you shelving you can truly benefit from. Get in touch to find out more.


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