How to recreate Scandinavian Kitchen Design

When you hear the words “Scandinavian Kitchen Design”, you may instantly think of almost everything you have seen in an IKEA catalogue! A Scandinavian kitchen can actually be achieved in a number of ways, many of which do not involve following a one-way system that insists you purchase everything you don’t need.

The basics of Scandinavian design is that you bring together both minimalism and comfort. If this is the style you wish to achieve in your kitchen, read on for our style tips and ideas!

Simple Spaces

It’s best to keep things simple when creating a Scandinavian style kitchen. The style focuses on creating a pure and practical environment. Minimalism is the place to start, with many designs using uninterrupted lines to form an open and functional space.


There are numerous colour schemes to choose from when creating a Scandinavian kitchen, but white is always a clear winner. Creating too many shades and layers will remove the starkness of the Scandinavian effect. White can help light bounce around the room while directing your focus to your other design choices.

Open shelving

One of the most distinctive aspects of a Scandinavian kitchen is the concept of open shelving. Not only does it look stylish and modern, but it will allow you to display certain items in the kitchen while allowing for easy storage.

Natural materials

The Scandinavian kitchen style can often embrace wood in the design, with the idea of bringing the outside indoors. Why not consider paring a wooden floor with a solid surface worktop?

Soft pastels

If you want to soften the brightness of your whites, you could add a pop of pastel. This could be in the form of artwork, curtains or a rug. The Scandinavian style can often come across slightly cold, so adding soft pastels here and there can add the warmth you desire. What’s more, the colour will help create an inviting space, which is perfect for families.

Soft furnishings

In addition to colours, the furnishings you choose will also affect the levels of comfort in your kitchen. Rugs, pillows, and throws help create a sense of cosiness, which is perfect as we make our way into winter. If you have enough space, you could consider adding a comfortable armchair or a small sofa. This will create an area in which you can unwind or socialise while the room is busy.

Create the perfect Scandinavian Kitchen Design with EBKB

These are just a few ideas in which you can create a Scandinavian kitchen design in your home, but how you go about it is completely up to you. If you would like to achieve this style, you need the best kitchen design team for the job. Get in touch with Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms today to see how we can help. We can offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss what you desire for your home and can look at your current kitchen space to see how we can make that happen.


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