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It’s getting Hot in the Kitchen! Here’s how you can keep your Kitchen Cool in Summer

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We have finally reached summer. Seasonal produce is making its way into our supermarkets, getting us excited for some summer cooking. However, the thought of getting hot in the kitchen, even more so than we are under the summer sun, is something we’re not so fond of. If you want to keep your kitchen cool in summer, however, there are a few things you could do to drop the temperature.

Keep your kitchen cool in summer with DIY air-con

Air conditioning isn’t something many British homeowners consider, especially with the weather being temperamental. The chances are, you may not get your money’s worth when investing in high-tech air conditioning, but it doesn’t mean you must go without.

Creating a simple air-con solution for when you need it can make a huge difference to the overall temperature of the room. A simple bowl of ice behind a room fan can blow cool air throughout the room.

Cook earlier on

If you don’t want to find yourself overheating while you cook, you may want to plan ahead. Early to mid-morning is when the temperature is lower. The kitchen won’t heat up as much and the temperature will be back to normal when it’s time to reheat the food.

Smaller items

Do you have a range of smaller appliances that are collecting dust in your cupboards? Perhaps now is the perfect time to pull them out and put them to good use! Smaller appliances let off less heat, so why not cook using these instead of your hob or oven? It could also save energy!

Slow cooking

Speaking of appliances, there is one you can always count on for amazing dinners that won’t overheat your kitchen: Your slow cooker! This will allow you to start cooking in the morning while the day is cool and let it do its thing until it’s time for dinner.

Use the oven less

And of course, as a result of having alternative appliances, you will need to use your oven less. The oven is obviously a main source of heat generation, and frequent baking and cooking will keep the room hot all day. If you don’t wish to use alternative appliances, opt for meals that don’t require cooking from time to time.

Maybe it’s time for a new kitchen?

If these tactics aren’t working for you, then maybe it’s time you sought out a new kitchen that will stay well-ventilated. With a kitchen renovation from EBKB, you can have a stylish design that offers a practical service throughout the year. If you would like to learn more, get in touch to speak to a member of our team. We can even offer a free home design visit to show you what your kitchen is capable of!