Keep your food Fresh this Summer

Worrying about your food this summer? Check out these hacks to keep your food fresh!

General tips to keep your food fresh

The first thing you must do is ensure your fridge is the right temperature! Anywhere between 0-5 degrees Celsius is normally accepted, but we suggest keeping it at the lower end throughout summer. A fridge thermometer should help. We also recommend you don’t push items to the very back of the fridge as this will block circulation.

When you’re shopping, be sure to check the expiration date before you buy. It’s fine to buy items that will expire shortly, but only if you consume the food within a few days. Additionally, you should plan meals that centre around what’s in your fridge and how long it will last. If you have food that’s already close to expiring, get creative!

Storing fruit and vegetables

One thing we suggest is lining your crisp drawers with tea towels to prevent moisture from building up. This will help the food stay fresh for longer. As well as this, you should wrap mushrooms in paper to prevent them from going slimy. Lettuce should be wrapped in a damp paper towel to keep it fresh, and other greens can be kept fresh by placing their stems in a glass of water and covering the leaves in a loose, plastic bag. When it comes to herbs, give them a quick rinse, put them in a zip-lock bag and freeze until needed.

Berries should be washed in water and a small splash of vinegar before refrigerating to keep them fresh for longer. They should be stored in either the plastic containers you bought them in or a zip-lock bag. Place them near the back where it stays coolest. Food such as celery, carrots and radishes should be chopped up and kept in a container of water to stay fresh for a surprisingly long time. Finally, apples should be kept separate from other foods as they give off ethylene gas which causes other foods to decay faster.

Storing meat, fish and eggs

Fish should always be kept on top of a bed of ice in your fridge and eaten as soon as possible. If not, keep it in the freezer. As for eggs, they should always be kept in their original carton, and do not need to be kept in the fridge. Finally, meat and poultry should be kept in its original packaging if you plan to eat it within a couple of days. If not, wrap it in foil, or stick in a zip-lock bag, then store in the freezer. Smoked meats such as bacon or ham can be wrapped in a vinegar dampened cloth, then wrap in wax paper and freeze.

Dairy products

Cheese should be securely wrapped in wax paper as it allows the cheese to breathe and keeps it dry. After cutting cheese, you can keep the ends fresh by rubbing butter on them! When it comes to milk, you’re likely to place them in the fridge door. We actually recommend you don’t do this as it’s subject to temperature fluctuations. It will last longer if kept in the main part of the fridge instead.

We hope you found this helpful

With summer making its way in, it’s extremely important to be on top of your storage game. If you think your kitchen simply isn’t doing the job it used to, it may even be time to a renovation. Get in touch with Euan Begg today to see how we can create a new kitchen for you.


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