Keeping your Kitchen Pet Friendly

Your kitchen is used by you at least three times a day, and if you have a pet, they’re likely to join you. Afterall, it is the room that stores the food. When it comes to keeping your pets safe, it’s important to think about aspects of the kitchen that may be a danger to them. Here’s a few things to consider when keeping your kitchen pet friendly.


Food is hazardous in any kitchen, and many ingredients that you will use are some you may not even consider to be toxic to your cat or dog. Dogs tend to be drawn towards foods that are harmful to their bodies, so it is imperative to keep these stored away at all times.

Foods such as chocolate, coffee, grapes or raisins are just a few examples of what your dog is likely to go after but can’t have. It is important to keep foods like these tightly sealed and stored in cupboards so they can’t reach them. Any foods to be left on the side must be placed as high as possible in order to ensure they’re out of your pets reach and won’t fall anywhere they can get to.

Though cats are less likely to dig into your food shop, their habits of jumping onto counters can have an affect on your own food hygiene standards. In order to keep your food protected from your feline friend, ensure that they are covered at all times. Something as simple as a tupperware box would be suitable, or even a reusable silicone covering would do.

Cleaning and Waste

A clean and sanitary kitchen is important for everyone in your home, but chemical products you buy to keep the place spotless are extremely toxic to humans and pets when ingested. Though you will find that most cleaning products are childproof, a dog can easily gnaw their way through the plastic to get to the dangerous liquid inside.

It is important to ensure you have a designated cupboard to store your cleaning products, and make sure you put them away the second you are done with using them. Child-proof latches are ideal for preventing even the smartest of pets from being able to open the cupboard door. It’s a good idea to keep cats out of the room when cleaning, especially if bleach is involved. This prevents the risk of any chemicals bringing any harm to their tiny paws.

The smell of food is tempting to pets, and when you throw food away they are likely to follow the scent to the bin, a place filled with a mix of sharp objects and toxic materials. Though you may think your bin is safe from your pets, adding a child proof latch or keeping it stored away is always a way to be extra cautious.

If you are looking to design a kitchen with ideal furnishings for keeping your pet safe, then get in touch with Euan Begg today to discuss your options for a welcoming, yet animal friendly environment in your kitchen.


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