Kitchen Colours: Trends to look out for this year

When it comes to your kitchen design, colour is one of the biggest choices to make. You have your own unique taste, but sometimes it can be hard to draw inspiration. We have been looking at colour trends for this year and have put together a list of our top picks to help bring some ideas into your mind. 

Shades of Grey

Though it may seem like a “play it safe” approach, by adding a range of grey tones you will give your kitchen more depth without losing that timeless look.


A perfect way to add subtle colour into your kitchen, there are unlimited pastel colours to choose from to suit your personal taste.


If you fancy being adventurous with your new design this year, then why not go bold? One bright coloured feature can tie the room together and give it a warm and welcoming vibe.

Pantone colour of the year: ultra violet

How can we talk about colour trends without mentioning this years pantone colour? Violet tones are a great alternative to dark greys or navy blues, and can bring to your kitchen design a warm, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Dark woods

For features, surfaces and tables, dark woods are the way to go this year. If you have dark walls or metallic features, dark woods provide a complimentary finish to your kitchen.

Tropical tones

You may have seen almost everywhere, but deep greens have made their way into many homes in the last few months, and they’re not going anywhere soon. This is the perfect trend for those who are a big fan of plants and nature, so get some tropical tones into your kitchen design this year!

Metallic accents

A great companion for dark tones or monochrome, metallic accents will give your kitchen a dash of warmth to other tones may lack. It also adds a bit of flare and industrial style to bring your kitchen together.

Did any of these colour trends catch your eye? If you want to know how Euan Begg can bring these ideas into your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.


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