Complete Kitchen Design in Cheadle

Some of our kitchen design projects are completed more quickly than others. We never worry about this, as there is no set time for how long designs take, because no two sets of people are the same.

For Mr and Mrs Morris, in Cheadle, it was important that we were able to explore all the design options available. That’s why it took several designs to arrive at the finished result, but once we had, their kitchen build was nothing less than spectacular.

A New Kitchen in Cheadle

We were recently contacted by Mr and Mrs Morris who were looking to integrate their kitchen space with a new kitchen and living space, remodelling the internal space as part of an extension. We were recommended to them by their existing building contractor to help them design their kitchen to their perfect requirements.

Mr and Mrs Morris were keen to expand the kitchen in their lovely detached home in Cheadle to become more than just a cooking space. Like many modern kitchens, this was to be a kitchen and diner, as well as living and utility space.

Kitchen Design Requirements

The key for Mr and Mrs Morris was integrating the kitchen space with a living space. The kitchen they were looking to install was a painted shaker style kitchen with bespoke feature colour for the islands and walls. All the units were to be bespoke with the feature colour.

Flooring was to be added throughout, and there was to be a utility space as well that needed to be large enough to house the white goods and units Mr and Mrs Morris wanted out of the kitchen, but on hand to use.

Design Process and Changes in Architects Plan

We met with Mr and Mrs Morris, to work through their initial thoughts and help them create their wish-list of design features and utilities they needed.

It is normal for plans to change considerably as we work through the design process. With this process, it took 6 designs to arrive at the finished result as the client wanted to explore different options to ensure their kitchen worked for them.

The architects plan was also tweaked to help facilitate the best use of the space, which shows how important it is to speak to the kitchen designer as early as possible in the process.

The Final Result

The process of working carefully through the design phase is very important. When the final kitchen was delivered, fitted and signed off, Mr and Mrs Morris were delighted with the results. Having that close relationship with Mr and Mrs Morris was vital for us, to make sure we delivered exactly what they wanted, and more importantly, they received a kitchen that was usable, functional, and a delight to be in.

As you can see in the accompanying pictures, the design is clean, contemporary and perfectly suited to the space. We are very grateful that Mr and Mrs Morris have allowed us to showcase this build, and we think you will agree, they certainly got a kitchen to be proud of.


Talk to the experts in kitchen design

If you are inspired by the results Mr and Mrs Morris gained for the Cheadle kitchen, and you’d like to have an initial conversation about creating a new kitchen designed around your specific needs, contact us today at EBKB.


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