Kitchens that Spark Joy: How to “Marie Kondo” your Kitchen

Kondo, the guru of organisation and face of the hit Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, is a pro when it comes to keeping the house pristine. One area, in particular, the kitchen, comes with its own unique approach to organisation. Kondo actually trialled chefs and noted their behaviours when developing her methods. This is something we believe could be taken on board for a neat and tidy kitchen. This week, we are discussing how to “Marie Kondo” your kitchen.

Transfer dish and hand soaps into simple bottles to remove the visual noise of labels

According to Kondo, removing visual information that doesn’t spark joy can create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. This can be applied to countertop cleaning items such as kitchen soaps! Why not invest in some matching pump bottles that can rest by your sink and top them up when you need.

Empty your countertops

Kondo believes that a kitchen with hidden storage and empty countertops will be easier to use. While this may seem like an extreme approach, having empty countertops will make your kitchen easier to work in. What’s more, it will look much cleaner if there is less clutter.

Choose the dishes that spark joy

If you have too many dishes, it may be time to narrow them down to the ones that spark joy. Make the dishes you love the most the ones you use on a daily basis. This means you should also remove any dishes that you don’t actually like.

Ease of cleaning

No one enjoys cooking in a dirty kitchen. When it comes to planning the storage in your kitchen, consider ease of cleaning. By keeping work surfaces clear and storing everything in cupboards or shelves, you will have a kitchen that can be left sparkling in minutes. Wipe down all surfaces each time you cook to remove any traces of oil and water.

Organise your cutlery

Though many consider kitchen drawer dividers for their cutlery, this can sometimes be more of a pain than you might expect. Consider a cutlery rack instead, making them easy to grab from your cupboards whenever you need them.


According to Kondo, kitchens often have tiny things that take up space and don’t really fit together. The best thing is to categorise everything in your drawers so that they all have a place. Use dividers and baskets to keep things in place.

Remove unused appliances

We’ve all done it. We’ve all bought an appliance with the intention of improving our cooking skills, only for them to sit on a shelf and collect dust after only a couple of uses. Perhaps now is the time to say goodbye and create space for better things.

The Marie Kondo fold

One thing that Marie Kondo is truly known for is her signature folding style. Her method, which involves folding them into a standing position, is somewhat complex at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you won’t turn back. Apply this method to your tea towels to keep them stored neatly and easy to view.

Joyful cooking

Cookbooks are not safe from the question of whether something sparks joy or not. Why not go through your cookbooks and be honest about whether you truly use them or not? If some hold only a couple of recipes, you could always scan the pages and place them into a single folder instead of keeping piles of books.

Don’t aim for simplicity

However, be aware that the kitchen is probably the one place in the home that can still be pretty busy after a deep declutter. The aim of this is to simply feel happier with the time you spend in the kitchen. Of course, if you find that after a much-needed declutter your kitchen still doesn’t spark joy, perhaps it’s time for a bigger change. A new kitchen could be just what you need to bring your home to life. Get in touch with Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms today to find out how we can give you the kitchen you need.


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