Make the most out of your small contemporary kitchen

Small kitchens may seem like a design challenge, but there are many things you can do if you want to create a contemporary kitchen. From reassessing your space to playing with colour, there are many things you can do to make the most out of your small contemporary kitchen. Here are some ideas to help bring your kitchen goals to life!

Supersize the sink

If your small contemporary kitchen does not have the space for a dishwasher, you may want to consider a double sink instead. Keep one bowl for washing and another for dirty dishes to ensure nothing piles up on your counters, keeping them clutter-free.

Choose open wall storage

When working with a small space, it helps to rethink your regular storage options. As opposed to solid cabinets, for example, you may wish to consider open shelving instead. Open shelving offers plenty of space for light to make its way around the kitchen. However, if you do want the benefits of a normal cabinet, you could also consider glass panelled cabinet doors!


The way in which you place your kitchen appliances will have an effect on the way in which the room flows. The concept of the kitchen work triangle is one you may wish to consider. This is where the sink, oven and fridge are located within a working distance from one another. Choose a minimal design to reduce any visual distractions and maintain a streamlined look. A built-in microwave is also another wonderful way to save space.

Turn every corner into a storage space

It’s important to identify any area of the kitchen where space is going to waste, from gaps between shelves to the backs of cupboards. Take note of all of these areas and take a look at the many ways in which the space could be utilised. For example, you could add extra storage solutions to cupboard doors, such as tray holders or hooks for hanging your dish towels.


Thinking about style, the sleek streamlined look is always a winner for a small contemporary kitchen. You will also want to think about keeping décor to a minimum. Consider handle-less cabinetry, gloss surfaces and a simple colour scheme.

Store away clutter

Whether it be in your cabinets or drawers, clutter in a small kitchen builds up quickly and can shrink the space down even more. Drawers and a narrow larder can help make the most of the storage space available, allowing you to hide away ingredients, utensils, crockery and more while ensuring the worktops and shelving stay clean and clear.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have things on display, as with your larger appliances, you can use the smaller ones, such as a stylish standalone mixer, to decorate the room. Daily essentials such as kettles and toasters are impractical to pack away, so think carefully about where to put them.

Hire a reputable kitchen company

At EBKB, we have worked with numerous kitchen layouts, sizes and budgets, so we know how to adapt any kitchen to your way of living. If you would like to book a free consultation, get in touch and see how our services can give you the kitchen you desire.


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