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It’s getting Hot in the Kitchen! Here’s how you can keep your Kitchen Cool in Summer

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We have finally reached summer. Seasonal produce is making its way into our supermarkets, getting us excited for some summer cooking. However, the thought of getting hot in the kitchen, even more so than we are under the summer sun, is something we’re not so fond of. If you want to keep your kitchen cool in summer, however, there are a few things you could do to drop the temperature.

Cut the cost of a new kitchen: Smart ways to stretch your budget

Cut the cost of a new kitchen: Smart ways to stretch your budget

If you’re planning a new kitchen, but are worried about the costs, there’s no need to get too stressed. Although a new kitchen isn’t exactly as cheap as a cup of coffee, you can do a few things to save your pennies here and there. So, this week, we shall discuss how you can cut the cost of a new kitchen with just a few simple changes!

Create a Kitchen for Socialising this Summer

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We are all quite aware that the British weather can be temperamental, even during summer. So, if you’re planning a family barbeque, but the weather takes an unfortunate turn without warning, you need to be prepared. And even if the sun does continue to shine throughout the day, there’s nothing wrong with bringing indoors and outdoors together. But how do you do that? The answer is simple: create a kitchen for socialising!

Why you should remodel your kitchen this summer

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For many people, summer is a time to clean the garden, head to the beach and get more time in the sun. For us, however, it’s the perfect time to remodel a kitchen! With so many activities occurring outdoors, summer allows you to spend more time cooking on the BBQ than in the kitchen. So, why not make the most of your free kitchen time? This week, we shall explain why you should remodel your kitchen this summer.

Keep your food Fresh this Summer

Keep your food Fresh this Summer

Worrying about your food this summer? Check out these hacks to keep your food fresh!