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Increase your Home Value with a Kitchen Renovation

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. We have said this before and we still believe it so. We spend large amounts of time in there simply for cooking food. It is only natural for us to feel tense at the thought of a kitchen renovation! New ideas can be challenging, especially if you’re doing this to increase your home value. Before you make any vast decisions, be sure to carry out a cost-benefit analysis.

Things to know before Choosing your Kitchen Fitter

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When planning any new kitchen, there are important choices that should be made. These include things such as the layout, the style, the functionality and the cost. However, you should also put some serious thought into choosing your kitchen fitter.

How to Maintain Kitchen Appliances

How to Maintain Kitchen Appliances

So, you have put in all that time and effort to create the kitchen of your dreams. The last thing you want is appliances with a short life causing trouble along the way. After all, nothing can disrupt your normal home routine than a washing machine flooding the kitchen. These kinds of damages can be rather costly. Not just in terms of financial strain, but also time consumption. This is why we have this handy guide to maintain kitchen appliances and prevent damage.

Kitchen Task Lighting

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With the kitchen being a place for multiple uses in most homes, it’s no surprise that choosing the right lighting can be confusing. We want our kitchens to have statement lighting fixtures and have suitable kitchen task lighting. There must also be lighting for eating, relaxing and entertaining. There are many things to think about…

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions for Foodies

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions for Foodies

Are you a lover of cooking and fine dining? If so, it’s quite easy to get carried away by accumulating a wide range of recipe books, trending ingredients and hot new gadgets. With all these, you can test out new recipes and cooking techniques to perfect your culinary skills. Your kitchen storage solutions, however, may suffer due to your ever-growing collection.