Pantone Colour Of the Year: Can you bring it into your Contemporary Kitchen?

Purple is a daring choice for your contemporary kitchen, but with Pantone choosing ultra violet as its colour of the year, we are looking at ways you can bring purples into a modern kitchen without it simply looking like a passing trend. Let’s remove the “that’s a bit much” element and replace it with “wow, what an amazing space!”

Purple is a rather versatile colour for your home, with the light and depth of tone having a big affect on how it makes us feel. Deeper tones often have us thinking of luxury, soft velvets, deep royals. This colour tends to do well in comfortable rooms such as the living room or bedroom, so when incorporating it into your contemporary kitchen, you want usually want to send a similar message. Lighter shades, however, provide a more spring vibe, great if you want your modern kitchen to feel more delicate. These tones tend to match well with light greys, or whites, creating a bigger feel in the room.

Contemporary Kitchen Splashbacks all Round

A great way to draw attention to the colour without it being too “in your face” is to incorporate the colour into splashbacks, providing a contrast between the purple and more neutral tones such as greys or whites.

Easy Accents for a Contemporary Kitchen

If you want to play it safe, make the colour easy to replace by buying purple  contemporary kitchen accessories that will be on display. Deeper colours would blend well with dark tones, but will also just as easily pop in a white  kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen with an Accent Wall

A great idea if your contemporary kitchen is also an open plan with a dining area, adding one wall of a contrasting purple brings comfort to the dining side of the room, while the kitchen can remain a space for culinary vibes.


As mentioned, the darker you go, the more comforting the space. If you’re looking for a luxurious, yet simple way to bring comfort into your home, embrace extremely dark realms of purple. Use two tones of the same colour to add depth without going overboard with design.

Hidden Colour in your Kitchen

Here’s a sneaky idea. Why not keep the colour behind closed doors? The insides of your contemporary kitchen are often overlooked, but it’s a nice surprise for visitors when they open what appears to be a plain white set of drawers, only to find that they’re in fact purple inside!

Royal Contemporary Kitchen

Nothing says luxury better than a combination of velvety purples and brassy golds. If you want to give your contemporary kitchen a strong, royal style, opting for this combo is a bold and eye catching way of doing so.


At Euan Begg, our Stockport based experts can help advise you in putting together the ideal contemporary kitchen for your home in a way that you know will be pleasing to live in for many years to come. Talk to one of our professionals today to see how we can put together your bespoke, contemporary kitchen.


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