Planning your New Kitchen Design in time for Christmas

We would say that it’s far too early to be thinking about Christmas. However, we all know the adverts are expected to pop up any minute now! Everyone is rushing to get their homes ready for the festive season. Some of you may even want a new kitchen design before the festivities begin. If this is the case, now is the time to put your ideas into motion. This week, we have all the things you need to consider before you install a new kitchen in time for Christmas.

The Christmas New Kitchen Design Countdown

If you work the dates backwards from Christmas week, you need to allow 2 weeks for installation. If you are contemplating full glass splashbacks, you will need to add at least another week on top of that.

Prior to this, a bespoke kitchen design will need at least 5 weeks from the point of order to delivery. This is the time that is required for your kitchen to be built. This time-frame is applicable for nearly all European manufacturers. Before you order your kitchen, you need time for your kitchen design to come to life. Working the dates back to the present, you will realise that you should get in touch with a kitchen design company now. If you don’t you will find yourself disappointed as your kitchen will not be ready in time.

Choosing your Design

In many cases, before you approach your kitchen designer, you may want to spend time thinking about how you would like your kitchen to look. You may need time to research what styles, colours and finished you would prefer. This process often involves spending time on interior websites, visiting showrooms or looking through magazines.

Many choose this path before meeting the designer, but some work from scratch. They will instead work with a designer to help them to identify their preferences and needs. Either way works, but with Christmas being so close, the luxury of this browsing time may be cut short.

The time you Need to Finalise your Design

It usually takes around 2 weeks from a client meeting before a kitchen can be ordered, but this also depends on the client. Our team of expert designer work at the pace required by our clients. This is so the client can get a tailored service that works around their taste and requirements. This is why you should be booking an appointment with your chosen kitchen designer now. This will afford you enough time to reflect on the design of your new kitchen and make a decision on time.

The Christmas Order Deadline

Most kitchen designers need the time to plan ahead for Christmas. As a result, it is essential that no matter who you choose, you allow sufficient time for them to:

  • Order your kitchen
  • Have each one made-to-order in Germany
  • Have them delivered safely to the UK
  • Have them installed and finished in plenty of time for Christmas Dinner.

Book your Appointment Today

So, if you are thinking that you would definitely like a new kitchen in time for Christmas, book an appointment today. We offer a free home design visit with no obligation, hidden costs or any pressure. This means that should you choose to back out later, all you will have lost is an hour of your time. Each of our designers is fully trained, qualified and expert in what they can do. What’s more, we are extremely friendly! For more information, get in touch with Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms for all your questions and queries to be answered.


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