Save Money and Energy in your New Kitchen

Your new kitchen is never going to be ridiculously cheap. It’s an investment designed to benefit your lifestyle in the long run, so saving money afterwards is an important thing to factor in once you start planning your ideal kitchen design. A big thing to factor in is ways to save your pennies by reducing your energy costs. It may seem difficult, but there are so many ways to do this, and the experts at Euan Begg have a few tips to help you cut the costs back as well as you can.

Invest in smart controls

Smart controls are not only a great way to save energy, but they also help you understand your energy usage in greater detail. Not only do they inform you on how much energy you have used, but they are also handy for letting you know how much your energy is costing you.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

When looking at the appliances for your new kitchen, it’s important to get into the habit of reading the energy efficiency rating. You will notice that a newer appliance will have an energy efficiency rating label, ranging from A+++ being the most efficient and D being the list. If you were to invest in the most energy efficient fridge freezer, you could end up saving around £62 a year.

Turn down your thermostat

Though we live in a country where the winters are miserable and cold, you don’t want to go crazy with the heating. By turning the thermostat down by a single degree celcius, you could save yourself between £85-£90 a year. Such a small, noticeable change in temperature, but a big change in savings!

Switch to LED lighting

It is now possible to invest in LED lighting that is equally bright enough to replace halogens and energy saving bulbs, all of which being available in a range of shapes sizes and fittings. Though it would cost around £100 to replace an entire home with LED lighting, it would save an average of £35 a year on bills.

Clever Cooking

Are you aware of the energy benefits of cooking in bulk? It would actually use less energy to cook big meals in one day and freeze them into portions than it would be to cook the meal on the day. By letting them defrost overnight it would take less time to reheat the next morning as well. Just remember to make sure the food has fully cooled after cooking before putting in the freezer, otherwise you will heat up the freezer, resulting in using more energy to cool things down.

Defrost the Fridge Freezer Regularly

Your fridge freezer uses up to 5% of your yearly total energy usage, so it’s important to make sure it stays as efficient as possible. Make sure you defrost it on a regular basis and make sure all seals are still intact. A fridge needs air to circulate in order to work to it’s best ability, so avoid storing too much on the top and pushing things back flat against the back. It’s also important to remember to keep the condenser coils at the back dust free.

Smart Laundry

A hotter wash does not necessarily mean a cleaner one. Most washes can be done as low as forty degrees celsius, saving a third on energy than a regular sixty degree wash. Make sure the washing machine is always full to avoid wasting water.

Only Boil what you Need

It may be common sense to some, but many people tend to fill the kettle to the top for the sake of making only one cup of tea. The logic behind it is that it will take less time to heat up the second time around, but this isn’t the case, and overuses energy. Only heat what you need and nothing more.

If you are looking to design an energy efficient kitchen space for your home, contact Euan Begg today for more information.


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