Shaker Kitchen in Sale

Sometimes a kitchen needs to be stripped completely for a vision to truly come to life. This was certainly the case with Mr and Mrs M. Our latest project involved a contemporary kitchen refurbishment at their terraced house in Sale. They approached us after we were referred to them by a work colleague who was a previous client of ours. We could not wait to get stuck in with this wonderful blank canvas.

Designing the Shaker Kitchen in Sale

First, we assessed the space we would be working in. As you can see from the photos, we were working with a long, narrow space, so what we designed would have to work with the shape for easy access and efficiency. We planned to strip out the entire kitchen and start fresh.  Mr and Mrs M had hopes that the design would include it being painted shaker style and finished with quartz worktops. What’s more, the clients requested we built a bespoke cupboard to ensure that the boiler would be hidden away.

Obstacles and Solutions

Working with a terraced house doesn’t pose too many problems, but one that does often come about is bringing in materials. We had to establish how we would bring in all elements into the kitchen as efficiently as possible. We decided in the end that it would be a good idea to bring everything through from the back and side alleys to keep things as simple as possible.

Also, as we were designing from scratch, this project needed a much bigger team than usual. This time we were working with many trades to coordinate the overall implementation of this kitchen design. We worked with a plasterer, an electrician, a plumber, a floor and tile contractor, and a decorator. There were many chefs in this kitchen, but we all managed to work in harmony to finish this spectacular project.

The Finished Results

As you can see from the final results, this project resulted in something beautifully spectacular. The smooth blend of grey and white certainly give this shaker kitchen a contemporary feel, while the wooden flooring brings warmth from below. The choice of handles on the cabinets offer unique style and contrast the dark grey beautifully. We certainly love the dining implement. It shows that no matter the size of your kitchen, you can always create plenty of space for a breakfast bar.

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