Should you Go Handle-less in your Modern Kitchen?

As kitchen design evolves over time, so do our tastes and desires for what we want in our home. One aspect of modern kitchen design that is getting more popular each day is having a handle-less modern kitchen. This week, we will be discussing the benefits of having handle-less cabinets in your modern kitchen design.

Promotes Flow in your Modern Kitchen

Handle-less features can give your modern kitchen a smoother transition, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen and dining area. Handles can often interfere with the composition of having both rooms together.

A More Hygienic Modern Kitchen

Though you may not think about this when discussing a handle-less modern kitchen, the absence of handles means you no longer have awkward areas of your cabinet that hide dirt and grime. This makes cleaning easier, making for a more hygienic kitchen.

Handle-less Kitchens are Safer than A Kitchen with Handles

A kitchen without handles is a kitchen without extra sticking out pieces that can catch on clothes or that children can bump into.

Eases the Design Options of your Modern Kitchen

One of the hardest things that many people think about when designing their new, modern kitchen, is the handle choices. Opting for a Handle-less kitchen means you have one less thing to worry about during the design process!

Saves Money on Expensive Glass Splashbacks

Another advantage of opting for a modern kitchen without handles is that you can use the continuous rail/grip ledge to add a splash of colour to your kitchen units. The benefit of this is that it can save you so much money as you may no longer need expensive, coloured, glass splashbacks.

No Cost

Did you know that by investing in handles for your modern kitchen, you could be spending between 10 per cent and 30 per cent more than a kitchen without? If your budget isn’t the biggest, you could save yourself a lot of money by opting for a handle-less kitchen.

A Modern Kitchen with Handles can be Impractical

If you invest in a PVC, PET, foil, or vinyl wrapped, handles-less kitchen door, you may find it difficult to open, especially if these doors are integrated with fridges, freezers and other built in appliances. This is because the groove at the top of the door where you place your fingers is too shallow. If you invest in higher quality, painted and lacquered handle-less kitchen doors, however, you will find that you won’t have this problem at all.

True Handle-less Kitchens with a Continuous Rail

If you do not like the idea of an integrated handle type handle-less kitchen, then you may wish to think about investing in a fully handle-less modern kitchen instead. This is favoured by many German kitchen brands and features a continuous rail that is built into the cabinet. This rail allows you hand to glide over the top of the door and open the door from behind.

Not only is this type of handle-less kitchen much easier to open than an integrated handle type, but there is no risk of the top of the door splitting. This is because this kind of door does not have a segment removed from it to make it thinner and weaker.

Will Handle-less Kitchens go Out of Fashion?

A kitchen without handles is timeless. However, handle-less kitchens have only gained popularity over the past few years, so we cannot predict the future. The team at Euan Begg, however, believe they can stand the test of time.

What about a Subtle Handle Across the Top?

If you like the idea of a seamless look in your modern kitchen, but would also like the practicality of handles, then why not opt for a subtle handle across the top of the door?


So, should you invest in handle-less units for your modern kitchen? In reality, it all comes down to your personal requirements and lifestyle. If you are still not sure, then get in touch with Euan Begg for a free home design visit and see how we can help.


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