Small Kitchen Ideas

Coming up with small kitchen ideas can be difficult. You may find yourself worried where things would fit, if there’s space to dine and you may end up asking yourself if it will even look appealing once you have everything you need. At EBKB, we have helped design and install a variety of kitchens, big and small, and are aware of the many ways you can get the most out of a small kitchen space while making it feel bigger.

Small Table, Big Impact

You may think that a dining table wouldn’t be an option when it comes to small kitchen ideas. However, you can often get creative with nooks and corners. A small table for one or two may be enough for the space you have. Round tables work best, and it’s a good idea to pick a design that doesn’t block light so you get a more airy feel in the space.

Divide for a Bigger Kitchen Feel

When it comes to small kitchen ideas that involve an open plan kitchen and living room, it may be ideal to add a raised wall between the worktop and the living space. This will hide the mess and double as a splashback, all while ensuring the light from the windows covers the whole room.

Bring the table and Counter Together

A moveable table may work, but for more narrow kitchens, this could make the room appear more streamlined. Creating a kitchen bar that goes in line with your worktop, not only gives you extra counter space if you needed, but it can also leave you with more floor space, giving an illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Downsize your appliances

Small gadgets and gizmos are certainly something to consider when thinking of small kitchen ideas. Think about how much you like to cook and how often. You may find that a big oven isn’t necessary to you, and you may benefit from something a bit more compact. The less space taken up by an appliance means more space for you to enjoy.

White and Bright

Embracing white is a great idea when debating small kitchen ideas. As light bounces, you will find that the room will feel much more airy when you opt for white throughout. Combining it with polished wooden boards running the length of the space will add a touch of warmth, making the kitchen welcoming.

Extend an End

No space to add a breakfast bar to your small kitchen? You may be surprised what extra dining space you would give yourself by adding a basic worktop overhang. You could even make it so it folds down and out of the way when not in use!

Shallow Cabinets

Small kitchen ideas may not go in hand with big storage solutions, but reducing the size of your storage doesn’t have to affect the amount of things that need putting away. Think about the cabinets under your counter tops. Do they need to be the standard 24-inch depth? You may find you will get more space by adding cabinets that are 12 or 15-inch in depth instead, which is better for storing everyday items. Doing this will give your small kitchen more floor space.

If you feel more inspired to improve your small kitchen space, then look no further than EBKB. Our team of experts are here to talk you through your small kitchen ideas and help transform it into an ideal culinary and dining space that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime.

Get in touch today to see what we can do, and feel free to take a look at our portfolio to see what we have done for many of our previous clients.


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