Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions for Foodies

Are you a lover of cooking and fine dining? If so, it’s quite easy to get carried away by accumulating a wide range of recipe books, trending ingredients and hot new gadgets. With all these, you can test out new recipes and cooking techniques to perfect your culinary skills. Your kitchen storage solutions, however, may suffer due to your ever-growing collection.

Struggling with your Current Kitchen Storage Solutions

The more things you collect in your kitchen, the less cupboard and shelving space you have. Eventually, you may find yourself cluttering your worktops with appliances, utensils and more. The cupboards will be bursting and the drawers will be bulging. What’s more, finding what you need at the time may become difficult.

Luckily, Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms are here to help. This week, we have a wonderful selection of kitchen storage solutions and ideas to help you get the most out of your kitchen space.

Secret Storage

Are you getting sick of rooting around your kitchen cabinets and removing packets of pasta to grab that one forgotten ingredient that has been lingering at the back? Secret cabinets are slowly gaining popularity with many kitchen design experts and customers. You can now have electronic drawers that pull down from the back of your cupboard and onto your kitchen counter so that the items at the back can be accessed easily! How clever is that?

What’s more, they can be completely customised with different layouts and styles to suit your personal needs. They can come with magnetic strips for hanging utensils and sectioned off shelving for differently sized ingredients. You can even add a stand for your tablet, so you have a place to read your favourite recipes online or watch something while you cook!


If you are known for throwing the best dinner parties and showing off your fantastic culinary skills to friends and family, then you need a pocket door larder. These are the perfect assistant to anyone who loves to host events in their home. Adding double doors that open up and slide back into the unit, revealing a sleek and stylish cocktail bar is sure to wow your guests!

Adding a lift

If you have quite a few heavy appliances that you often keep tucked away in cupboards, there is now a storage solution for easy access! Many people are choosing to add cupboard “lifts” in their lower cabinets so that you can keep your appliances off the counter, but still in a place where you can use them as and when you need. This is perfect for mixers, food processors, slow cookers and more.

Storing your Spices

It is probably acceptable for those who don’t cook often to keep spices at the back of a cabinet. Those who do cook with a wonderful range of herbs and spices, however, are likely to benefit from a built-in spice rack. You can add this to the end of your cabinets. As a result, everything you need is in easy reach whenever you get creative in the kitchen.

Stacking Solutions

Suffering from worktop overload? If you have no cabinet space and are filling your workspace with cooking oils, spiralisers and scales, then you may benefit from a stackable shelving unit. These can be either wall-mounted or placed on worktops. What’s more, they come with a wide range of customisable accessories! These are designed to fit everything that needs putting away, from sugar jars to knife blocks!

Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms are here to Help

If you have been struggling to find storage in your current kitchen space, then perhaps it’s time for a change! Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms are here to provide you with the ideal solutions for your lifestyle. Get in touch to talk to one of our experts and receive a free home design visit!


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