Styling your White Kitchen Design

Sleek, minimal and bright, having a white kitchen design means you have the most versatile colour pallet to work with. As white is essentially a blank canvas, they complement a wide range of bold colours and intriguing textures.

Why Choose a White Kitchen Design?

Using white as a blank slate provides your kitchen with freshness and light. Any typical, dull kitchen can be instantly brightened up with the power of white. Choosing white can offer opportunities to add contemporary accessories. At the same time, it will maintain a sophisticated finish. We have spent the last 10 months keeping an eye on what kitchen trends stuck around. As a result, we have a selection of our favourite trends that are still going strong and will make your white kitchen pop!

Pendant Lighting

We love our kitchen lighting. Keep it simple while making a bold statement by implementing an eye-catching pendant light. Or, use an industrial shade with a vintage bulb for a contemporary look. If you want to be super trendy, copper dome lights have been a favourite this year. Use warm colours bulbs to create a calm, warm contrast to the striking white. This will leave your kitchen feeling welcoming and warm.

Metallic Finishes

If you’re a fan of the industrial look, embrace one of the biggest trends by adding chic metallic finishes. This will leave your kitchen looking edgy and quite industrial. The whiteness of the kitchen provides a sleek and sophisticated base. The shimmering metallic colours, from brass to rose gold, pair beautifully to create a modern finish. You can also keep it minimal with worktop accessories and door handles. Even better, you could make a statement with large pendants or a feature wall!

Moroccan Accents

We have seen the Mediterranean make its way into kitchens this year and we love it! Add a hint of this into your kitchen with intricate Moroccan patterns. This bold statement will certainly catch the eyes of your visitors. Opt for striking mosaic tiles and splashbacks that are thriving with vibrant hues to welcome this exotic style. Complete this look with solid wooden worktops and gold pendant lighting.

Bringing back Nature

Bring back the positive vibes into your kitchen by adding natural materials and textures. Use potted herbs to implement styles of a classic country kitchen. Or, create a high gloss look by using accents of rich, green foliage. If you would prefer to create a calm and peaceful environment, add muted tones and allow rustic wooden worktops to steal the show. Finish it with beautiful flourishes of green. The natural brightness of a white kitchen is perfect for a natural look as it will reflect the light from outside.

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