Take Inspiration from these Kitchen Trends

While many families spend most of their time in the kitchen, it is often the last room to get a renovation. However, having a fantastic kitchen will pay off in the long run. It will bring a personal touch to your home while increasing the overall value of your home. There are plenty of layouts, designs and kitchen trends for you to take inspiration from. Whether it be modern minimalist or rustic and vintage, everywhere you look you can find ideas.

Following Kitchen Trends for Inspiration

If you think it is time to make some changes to your kitchen, you may feel unsure of where to start. This week, we are looking at the latest trends in kitchen design. We hope that these trends will be something you can draw inspiration from. You may even want to implement them in your new look!

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

Depending on how much space is available in your home, a kitchen island is a timeless classic. Some homeowners even have two if their kitchen is large enough! The kitchen island can serve for multiple purposes, from a breakfast bar to extra cooking space.

Open Shelving or Hide and Seek Storage

At the beginning of 2018, we mentioned how more people are growing tired of upper kitchen cabinets. Open shelving has become increasingly popular. This is a fabulous choice if you have designer table-wear that you want to display. Open shelving can also give your kitchen a more welcoming and relaxing environment. With the help of the right kind of lighting, you can make the room look more spacious too! This is a perfect choice for those with limited kitchen space.

Make a Statement with Bold Colours and Patterns

Wave goodbye to whites, beiges and lifeless stainless steel. More people are welcoming bold shades of yellow, red, even purple! Colour clashes are taking over interior design trends, both in and out of the kitchen. More designers and homeowners are embracing the idea that the kitchen should be light and airy. A contemporary kitchen should make a statement and reflect the personality of the homeowner.

Hidden or Disguised Lighting

As opposed to using one source of light, the modern kitchen will feature layers of lighting. There is still a high demand for pendant lights. Despite this, we are seeing more homeowners choosing inconspicuous sources of lighting. You will often see them scattered in an organised manner around various parts of the kitchen.

Many choose to add key lighting under cabinets and counters. This makes it easy to change the atmosphere in the room. Concealed LEDs can be added to the cabinets to help with both food preparation and creating ambience. We have also seen the return of vintage lighting with sconces, lanterns and chandeliers.

Brass, Mixed Metals and Concrete Accents

You may notice many designers welcoming the return of the brick wall. Some modern kitchens are beginning to appear rustic. Combine this with concrete, brass and mixed metal accents, and you have a funky kitchen! It seems that marble is out, and concrete is in (though don’t let that put you off, it’s your kitchen). Many homeowners are using concrete floors and countertops as it is versatile and accessible. Concrete can be used in a wide range of interesting and unexpected ways.

Your kitchen deserves as much focus as any other part of your home. This is certainly the case if this is where you spend a good part of your day. By looking at the latest trends, you can have a fresh list of ideas ready for when you want to approach your kitchen design specialist. Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms are here to help design your dream kitchen. If you would like to see what your kitchen could be transformed into, get in touch. We can offer a free home design visit to see the full potential of your current kitchen space.


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