The best Kitchen Layouts for your New Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to get right in your home renovation as there is so much to be considered. A kitchen is far more than a simple space to cook and store food. Every family has their own way of living, so the function could range from socialising and entertaining to cooking, cleaning and general storage. Some homes have separate laundry rooms to allow for more food space, whereas others like to bring the two together. Though you may begin designing your new kitchen with colour schemes and other aesthetic elements, this should really come secondary. The first thing you need to think about is the potential kitchen layouts for your new kitchen.

Kitchen Layouts for your New Kitchen

If you think there are only one or two things you could choose, you’ll be surprised to see what you’re missing. Here, we will break down the many layouts that could work for your personal kitchen necessities.

Working Triangle

If you want a functional shape, you should always keep the working kitchen triangle in mind. This is the distance between your sink, cooktop and fridge. During the stages of cleaning up, prepping and cooking a meal, you’ll likely hover to various spots. The working kitchen is designed for functional, ergonomic kitchens and can be used for many layouts.

The pros of a working triangle are that you can seamlessly move between the cooking, cleaning and food storage zones. However, it can be counterintuitive if you have a larger kitchen or a kitchen island. The trick is to keep a fairly tight working space, so you won’t need to run around as much.


If you have a large kitchen and a need for space, storage and somewhere to eat, the U-shape is ideal. It offers a lot in terms of counter and workspace. Depending on the size of the room, you may even have room for a kitchen island! You will have all the space needed to ensure you get the most of your kitchen. You could even separate the cooking and preparation areas for more storage space, leaving the centre for whatever else you may desire!


The point of an L-shaped kitchen is that it offers privacy for food prep, almost like being tucked away in a corner. However, it also offers wonderful interaction with open concept spaces as it can move into adjoining spaces such as the dining area. Although it’s great for socialising, it often allows less space in the kitchen, potentially making it an awkward space to work in. However, you can easily maximise space and engagement with an L-shaped kitchen and an island. It offers enough central storage that the L-shapes legs needn’t be too long.

Galley Kitchen

If we’re being honest, galley kitchens have been out of style for a while due to their strict shape and closed-in feel. It certainly doesn’t suit open plan living. However, given the right home, there are plenty of advantages to a galley kitchen. They can offer a double wall approach to storage and facilities in a small space, giving you everything you need for cooking on either side of you.

A galley kitchen is a highly efficient layout, making the most of even the smallest spaces. It is often preferable to have the sink and range on opposite sides, but this can interrupt the workflow. If you want to create a brighter, more open environment, we recommend keeping each end open to welcome light.

Single Wall Kitchen

This is where everything sits on one wall, no matter the appliance. They’re usually found in small homes as they are efficient and can be disguised as needed in a small space such as a studio apartment. The benefit of this layout is that everything you need will be within easy reach as they’re all on one side. However, their small size makes it a struggle to fit traditionally-sized appliances. What’s more, they tend to have very limited counter space!

To make the most of this layout, sit the sink between the fridge and cooker as this will allow easy cleanup. You should also consider finding custom or compact appliances to leave more room for storage. If space allows, you may wish to think about adding a small kitchen island behind you for storage, efficiency and socialising.

Two Island Kitchen

This is often a choice for those who wish to have a flare of extravagance. If you are planning a very large kitchen and have a large open space to fill, there are two things you can do. You could go for a traditional kitchen island layout or you could even have two. This could be one for cooking and the other for socialising, or perhaps you’d like an area just for the children, so your space stays clean!

Choosing the right Kitchen Layout for your Kitchen

These examples should help you consider the popular and traditional options for your new kitchen. If you need more help, why not get in touch with Euan Begg Kitchens and Bedrooms to see how we can help bring your ideas to life?


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