The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Smart Kitchen

A smart kitchen is something that can seem like a hefty investment at a first glance, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Although you wish to upgrade your kitchen, you can begin your smart kitchen with small appliances and devices. This week, we have the ultimate guide to creating a smart kitchen!

Creating a smart kitchen: What does it mean?

When discussing smart devices and smart kitchens, it often refers to something that is connected via the internet or Bluetooth. As smart devices are connected, you can use your smartphone or voice assistant to control them. When it comes to your kitchen, smart products can help increase efficiency, as well as make the kitchen a safer place.

Identify exactly what you need

Once you know more about the types of smart devices you can add to your kitchen, it’s time to think about what you actually want. It’s easy for anyone to get carried away with the exciting list of gadgets and gizmos that will make the room seem futuristic. However, it would be better if you go around the room and identify the common issues you have when cooking or socialising in the room. This could be anything, from your fridge to your oven. You can even go small with a few affordable gadgets to test the waters and go from there.

Start shopping

Once you have decided what you actually want for your kitchen, it’s time to make your wish list a reality.

Smart kitchen appliances

Smart technology has come a long way, leading to a big wave of smart kitchen appliances. New integrated smart controls and features are making even the most common kitchen appliances easier to use.

You can even invest in smart fridges and freezers for improved efficiency. You can set it to inform you when you are running low on certain items and can even recommend recipes based on the ingredients you have!

Smart washers and dryers can be switched on remotely, allowing your wash cycle to be complete the moment you arrive home. This will leave you with no excuse to not put everything away! Certain smart dryers can even switch themselves off if your clothes are dry. Don’t forget, you can even invest in washer/dryer combos that will have your clothes ready to be put away once you get home.

You can also remotely programme and access a number of smaller appliances this way. For example, you could programme a coffee machine to have your morning cuppa Joe waiting for you when your alarm goes off!

Cooking in a smart kitchen

While you cannot replace a good cook, smart technology can make things easier for those who may need help finding recipes, prepping ingredients and cooking food perfectly. Like other smart appliances, smart ovens and cookers can be programmed and activated remotely. You can inform your oven what kind of food you are cooking so that it knows how much time it needs and what the best temperature would be. Some smart ovens even come with cameras so that you can monitor the cooking process from your phone.

Cleaning in a smart kitchen

Move over Roomba, there are new gadgets in town! These days, you can buy self-mopping devices that can adapt to a range of floor types, from tiles to hardwood. Again, these can be controlled remotely and scheduled to a time that works best for you. This can save you a lot of time when it comes to assigning cleaning jobs.

Welcome a new kitchen with your smart devices

Though it’s great bringing your kitchen into the 21st century, it won’t stand out as much if you focus only on gadgets and not design. At EBKB, we can offer a free home design visit to see what you want for your new kitchen. To find out more, get in touch.


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