Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dishwasher for your Contemporary Kitchen

Though many people claim to love cleaning the dishes, others find it to be a chore that is avoided as much as possible. When it comes to designing your new contemporary kitchen, nothing can save you from time hunched over a sink full of dirty dishes like a dishwasher.

However, if you have never had a dishwasher before, or you have not upgraded for decades, then you may not know where to start with todays models. This week we have put together a quick guide to some of the most common dishwasher options, so you can choose the best one for your contemporary kitchen design.

Effective Cleaning in your Contemporary Kitchen

The only job a dishwasher has is cleaning your dishes, so if it is unable to do so, what good is it? High tech features, like soil sensors that can detect how dirty your dishes are and adjust the cycle accordingly, may increase your chances of sparkling dishes at the end of the cycle, but it is important to ready user reviews so that you can make a personal decision that it is the right dishwasher for your contemporary kitchen.

Think about the Style for your Contemporary Kitchen

The standard, down-folding door dishwasher style, is not the only option out there. Dishwasher drawers, which often has two compartments that can be run separately, have lower capacity, are more expensive and tend to not perform as well. The small size is a plus if your contemporary kitchen is small, but if you would like an appliance that blends into the style of your contemporary kitchen then you may be better off with a standard cabinet-front model.

Another element of style is button placement. Many models are available with controls at the front or the top, making them visible when the dishwasher is closed. Top controls are easier to see when programming and many prefer them to the more aesthetically pleasing options. One caveat with top controls is that the time indicator may not be visible when the dishwasher is closed.

If you are the kind of person who tends to open the dishwasher while it is still running (we’ve all been there), it may be best to look for one that at least has an indicator light on the front, so you know that it is running.

Think about the Dishwasher features

One of the best features available these days is flexible racks, which allow you to raise or lower them, or move dividers, to make room for whatever you may need cleaning. Some models even have a third rack at the very top for small items.

Filters that keep food from redeposited on dishes come in manual and self-cleaning options. You will have to occasionally remove the manual type and clean it. The self-cleaning type essentially incorporates a garbage disposal, grinding up bits of food so you needn’t worry about them. However, this option can be rather loud and disrupting to your contemporary kitchen.

As well as the basic cycles, many dishwashers come with special cycles for quick washing, sanitizing or pot-scrubbing. Some have settings for steam, or specific zones with more jets for cleaning baked on food. After the dishes have been cleaned, a headed-dry setting will help make sure that your dishes don’t come out wet.

If you are after the mode high-tech dishwasher for your contemporary kitchen, you can also find models with wifi that can be managed via smartphone. Your phone can let you know how long the cycle will be.

Consider if Noise will Disrupt your Contemporary Kitchen Setting

When it comes to the noise in your contemporary kitchen, “too loud” is subjective. If the appliance is going to be near bedrooms or other areas designs for relaxing, you will probably want noise to remain minimal. Quieter dishwashers tend to cost more, so evaluate the importance of minimising sound accordingly.

Stainless-steel-lined tubs tend to make less noise. Since you can’t generally run a display model to check how loud it is, check online reviews. Another trick is to play a ringtone or song on your phone, put it in the display model and close it to see how loud it is.

Think about Energy Consumption

As you have just invested in a brand new, contemporary kitchen, you may be worried about energy consumption, but here’s some good news: with energy efficient models, you don’t have to feel any eco-guilt about using a dishwasher. If you are running full loads of an energy efficient dishwasher, you are most likely to use less water than you would if you were to wash by hand. It’s always a good idea to check the energy ratings before you buy.

When it comes to contemporary kitchen design, having an expert by your side to guide you through the process is key. From aesthetics to practicalities, EBKB has it covered. Get in touch today to see how we can bring your contemporary kitchen dreams to life.


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