Is it time to call in a bespoke kitchen designer? 5 Common Kitchen Design Questions

A newly designed kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank! My view is that is that one of the most important rooms in your house should be the perfect space you’ve always dreamed of.

Is it time for a new kitchen? Call in a bespoke kitchen designer

Purchasing a new kitchen usually involves sifting through catalogues from suppliers or visiting lots of show rooms, looking at endless mass-produced units and fixtures. Then getting frustrated that you can’t quite find the right solutions that suit your own kitchen’s dimensions and the space available.

An “off the shelf” kitchen can be the right solution for many people. But to create a really impressive and highly functional kitchen, there is nothing quite like working with bespoke kitchen designers.

I have delivered bespoke, custom-built kitchens in Cheshire for over 25 years. Throughout that time, some common questions recur. If you’re considering a kitchen redesign, but don’t know whether to work with bespoke kitchen designers, thinking through these questions first, might just help.

1. How much will a bespoke kitchen cost me?

Everyone wants to know how much they are going to have to pay. It’s the most frequent and most important question I am asked. But it can also be one of the hardest to answer.

The cost of bespoke kitchens depends on how much you want to spend. There are plenty of places that will allow you to go to extremes if money is no object. However, if you work with the right designer, you can make excellent savings and have everything you want without breaking the bank.

As a general rule, a bespoke kitchen is likely to be more expensive than your average BnQ kitchen. But what you get in return is something that beautiful and crafted specifically for you in a way no off-the-shelf kitchen ever could be.

2. How much choice will I get?

When you work with a bespoke kitchen designer, you have complete control over all the aspects of your new kitchen. From the style and colour of units, to the materials used and the types of finishes you go for. As long as we can source items within your budget, the sky’s the limit. This allows you to create kitchen that is a unique living and working space.  As every home is different, your bespoke kitchen should also follow the same schemes of your house. By working with a designer you can make sure your kitchen follows your themes and sits perfectly in the ambiance of your home.

3. I already have a clear idea of what I want, do I still need your input?

It’s always a pleasure to work with someone who has clear views. If you have a clear idea of how your kitchen should be, all the better. However, it’s important to talk to an expert, as there may be issues you haven’t considered, such as appliance position, drainage issues or other structural problems associated with your property.

Spending time together, we can make sure your hopes and designs are realised and identify any issues before they happen. Better to do that, than be told half way through a contractors build that what you have designed can’t be done without major structural change to your home. It does happen – all too often!

Whether you have a minimalistic designs or a traditional bespoke kitchen with rustic, country, old world themes, I can work with you to deliver exactly to your dreams, and to make sure you don’t hit any unexpected delays on the way.

4. What kind of materials and appliances do you provide?

I work with only the best partners and suppliers to deliver the best quality appliances for the best prices. The types of materials I recommend depend on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. The options are endless and depend entirely on your choice and on your budget.

5. My kitchen is an odd shaped space, can you cope?

All kitchen designs I create are designed to fit effortlessly into your room. Homes that are older often have peculiar shaped room, with odd dimensions. In this circumstance, a bespoke kitchen is the perfect option to make you as the off the shelf options will often leave you without everything you want.

Nothing beats the individual touch

Choosing a kitchen is a very personal thing. It depends on a wide range of factors, such as your taste, the age and style of your house, your budget and timescales etc.

A bespoke kitchen designer can offer you something that bit extra. A special space that is designed and delivered exactly as you want it, and crafted to make the best use of your space and needs.  Find out more about our great service from design to completion, focused around you to create your dream kitchen.


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