How to work with a Kitchen Designer

If you’ve made the decision to create the kitchen of your dreams, working with a professional kitchen designer can really ease the process. Here are 7 key ways you can build a successful partnership.

Work with a kitchen designer

Whether your kitchen needs a minor face lift or touch up, or a complete redesign, working with a certified kitchen designer can make all the difference, and be well worth the investment. A kitchen designer will have access to the best planning tools, understand the latest trends and will be able to leverage the best deals on materials and building contractors. Working with an expert will save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Here are our tips for making sure that you have the best experience to help the process run smoothly from start to finish.

1. Not all designers are independent

If you buy kitchen cabinets from a high street retailer or some of the larger online suppliers, they will almost certainly offer a design service. This often comes free of charge with purchase of your kitchen. Whilst this can be useful, and appears to be “free of charge”, you are not getting independent advice on your particular situation.

Truly independent designers are not tied into any one retailer or brand, and can therefore offer more objective advice about materials, white goods etc. They can help you create the kitchen you want, rather than shoehorn in an existing kitchen that may not be suitable to your needs.

2. Know what already works, and what doesn’t!

It’s likely that your existing kitchen has some advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps your kitchen operates just as you like it, but the finishes are long past their prime. Maybe everything is wrong, and you need a complete rethink of your space.

Whatever your needs, make sure you think through how you want your kitchen space to work for you, and share that with your kitchen designer, to give a firm place to start your redesign project.

3. Do your research

Your first meeting with your kitchen designer will go much more smoothly if you have a general idea of what you want, and equipment you would like to include in your new kitchen.

Take some time to browse websites and magazines for kitchen images that you like. If you want to really go for it, why not create a mood board to show to you designer. A few pictures of what you are trying to acheive can really help your kitchen designer deliver the kitchen of your dreams.

3. Stay Flexible

Be prepared for the fact that a good kitchen designer may well spot holes in your wish list. It is not common to find that the materials you’d love to have in your kitchen won’t work for whatever reason.

Conversely, your kitchen designer may introduce you to options you’d never considered. It’s important to be open to suggestions, after all, that’s why you have opted to work with a designer in the first place.

4. Be clear on your budget

You really do need to have a firm idea of what you want to spend. And whether you are able to go over budget at all. There is nothing worse than having a dream, planning it out, only to discover halfway through the project that you don’t have the funds to deliver it.

If your budget is very tight, make it known upfront. Your kitchen designer can work around problems and has the experience and know-hot to help you stretch your pounds as far as they can go.

5. Agree on a time line

Try and confirm the timeline you want to work to. Though circumstances can sometimes throw everything off schedule, having set goals in place before you begin the process is in everyone’s best interest.

6. Try not to change too much, too often

Changing your mind mid-project does happen. Depending on how far along in the process everything is depends on the disruption it causes. But major decision changes will not only hold up the progress, they will also cost you money.

Despite this, if a change does need to occur to make sure you get the kitchen you want, speak up sooner rather than later. An independent kitchen designers can work around problems and it’s in their best interest to get you the kitchen you want, rather than the one you have to put up with.

7. Remember to be patient

Patience is a virtue! But it’s important to remember that a good kitchen plan does take time to create and bring to life. If you put the effort in at the start with your designer to get everything in place, then it will pay off in the long run. The last thing you want is a rushed job, so try and be patient and make sure the work is done well, rather than quickly.

You may be anxious to put your new kitchen to work, but you will enjoy it all the more if the job is completed to your complete satisfaction.

For more information about choosing the perfect kitchen for you, contact Euan Begg.


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